Apartment Waiting List Application

The apartment waiting list application is for the summer/fall 2021 through spring 2022 leasing period.  This application may be submitted multiple times if you have more than one apartment preference.

There is still availability in select buildings. This application may be used to apply for any apartment type - available or not (i.e. waiting list apartments).

If you are interested in applying only for the spring 2021 semester, please click here.

Apartment Preference
If you have more than one preference, please submit multiple applications. Not all apartment types may be available.
Roommates must request one another, be of the same gender, and meet requirements to live in the University Apartments. Please enter all roommates' names and MUID numbers.
If you do not have a specific roommate preference for The Marq, are you interested in being randomly assigned with another student? (Please note that random roommates may always be possible if you do not fully fill an apartment).
Existing Booking
The waiting list is for individuals who were unable, or chose not, to book an apartment through the online selection system.
Contract Agreement
I understand that if any of the information provided above is false or incomplete, this application may be canceled and may result in the termination of a lease that is offered as a result of the application. I also understand that there is a two-year requirement to live on campus at Marquette University. This requirement stipulates that students must live in a Marquette residence hall (the apartments are not considered residence halls) if they are under 21 and: a single freshman or sophomore student, or not residing with the parents or are within two years of graduating from high school. Completion of this application does not guarantee housing. Applicants are assigned according to date of application submission and availability of the housing preferences indicated above. Once applicants are notified of an available assignment, applicants will have 72 hours to respond to the offer for housing.