The University-owned apartments have proved to be very popular over the years.  Due to the limited number available, we cannot guarantee the availability of any apartment.

However, there are occasionally vacancies throughout the year.

  • When applying through the Apartment Selection Process for the following academic year, vacancies may occur if a student books an apartment, but ultimately decides not to sign a lease.  In these instances, a waiting list applicant would be contacted about the availability.
  • If applying for the spring semester, vacancies may occur if students have a lease ending in December, (as they leave for early graduation, study abroad, clinicals, co-ops, etc.).  In these instances, available apartments are offered to spring applicants.

In recent years, some apartments have remained available at the conclusion of the primary Apartment Selection Process, meaning that we typically do have availability for all applicants.  While the specific building or apartment type may not be an applicant's first preference, the trend is that the majority of our applicants are able to select an apartment.

Many of our apartments can accommodate up to two people per bedroom.  Choosing to double up in apartments can increase everyone's chances of securing a University-owned apartment!


Apartment Selection - Real Time Availability

During the Apartment Selection Process, students can monitor apartment availability in real time.  This can help students gauge the likelihood of selecting a particular different or new apartment throughout the process.  Click here for specific instructions on monitoring availability (available only during the selection process in late October / early November).