Welcome to Residence Hall and Apartment Leadership

The Residence Hall Association is looking for students who are interested in developing their leadership skills while serving as the voice for residence hall and university apartment students.

Any student living in university residence halls or apartments can, and are encouraged to, come to a meeting.

Official Positions Available

RHA Executive Board: There are seven positions on the RHA executive board. The President and Executive Vice President are elected by the residence hall student population in an online election. The five other Vice President positions are elected by the RHA representatives at an RHA general meeting. Detailed descriptions of the five additional positions can be found under the Members section of the RHA webpage.

RHA representatives: RHA representatives serve as a liaison between the the Office of Residence Life, the Residence Hall Association and their respective residence councils. They vote on behalf of their halls/apartments and help plan all RHA programs. They also are members of their Residence Council Executive Board.

Residence Council Executive Board: The Residence Council Executive Board is similar to the RHA Executive Board, but it works for individual buildings as the Hall Council Executive Board or Apartment Council Executive Board for university-owned apartments. The board's positions are president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and RHA representative.

Floor/wing/apartment representatives: These representatives are active members of their councils. They help address issues in the halls and apartments and plan programs. They also serve as liaisons between their floors and the hall council or their apartment buildings and the apartment council. These positions do not require candidate registration in order to participate. See your residence hall director or the area coordinator for the university apartments if you are interested in one of these positions.


Contact the RHA Elections Committee at (414) 288-5851, or marqrha@marquette.edu.