Important Dates

Spring 2021

Week of January 25th

Create MUEngage Profile

If you haven't already, create your MUEngage profile. Visit and login with your MU credentials. Create profile and review service learning site placement options. Questions?


Prior to February 3rd

Review Organizations and Site Placements for Your Class

To review the list of organizations partnered with your class:

  • Log into your account
  • Find your course group to review the list of site placements (Instructions for how find your class on MUEngage is on the service learning website).
  • Check MUEngage frequently for updated site placement information.
  • You must create a MUEngage profile to review site placement options prior to registration.

February 3rd

START Online Registration

Students will sign-up online through MUEngage. Site placement sign-up will start at 12:00pm. If you have challenges, please call or email the Service Learning Office. For the safety of yourself and others, please do not physically come to the office.

 February 10th 

LAST DAY to Register Online

For students who are working at organizations not partnered with the Service Learning Program or their course, check with the Service Learning Program for specific instructions on how to register. After the final sign-up date, all students must get approval from the Service Learning Program Director or Assistant Director.

February 13th or 15th 

Safe Environment Training (if required)

Safe Environment Training is required to serve in all Catholic schools. You must complete the training before you begin service. When you sign-up for service learning, your Student Coordinator, will let you know if you are required to take the training. Due to the health pandemic, the training is now virtual. Instructions and sessions for the Safe Environment training are available on the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Safe Environment Webpage. If you have any problems accessing the online training, contact the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. The Service Learning Program does not administer this training.


February 8th  – February 19th

Site Orientations

All community partner organizations will do a mandatory site orientation with service learners. Service Learners will receive detailed orientation information in a follow-up email after they sign-up. If you cannot attend the orientation date listed, do not sign up for that placement!

Take TB Test (if required)

TB Test Clinic

If you are required to take a TB test, contact MU Medical Clinic, 414-288 7184, to set up an appointment. TB tests are $10, payable in cash, check, or Marquette Cash at the time of the appointment. For your TB test to be valid, you must return for the test to be read by the nursing staff. You will receive test documentation required by your site at your TB test reading. If you forget or do not have your TB test read; you must start to process over which will delay your service start date.

Reflection Sessions

Reflection sessions are available throughout the semester. You can sign-up for reflection sessions through MUEngage. Check out the list of sessions here.

Week of April 26th

Verification of Impacts (i.e. service hours) Starts!

You should record your Impacts (i.e. service learning hours) on MUEngage each week. Site contacts and service learning staff start verifying your impacts this week.

Week of May 8th     

Last Week of Classes- Deadline to Log All Impacts in MUEngage

You are required to attend Service Learning through the last week of classes. All impacts must be recorded by this week. Service learning staff will verify hours with organizations.