Important Documents

After an organization meets with a director from the Service Learning Program, the organization must complete and submit the documents below. Further explanation of the documents is given during the initial meeting with a director of the Service Learning Program.

Job Description Template

This document outlines the specific job responsibilities and tasks the student will complete during their service learning experience. Organizations should be as detailed as possible. The Service Learning Program matches organizations with service learning courses based on the job description.

Agency Call Guide

The Service Learning Program has a staff of student employees who are assigned to work closely with organizations. They use the Agency Call Guide to get logistic details needed before students can start their service. The Agency Call Guide asks organizations to identify the number of desired service learners, the days and times of service, orientation days and times, and additional requirements the students need to complete before they start their service. If an organization does not complete the Agency Call Guide, they are not included on the list of community partners for the semester. 

Affiliation Agreement

The Affiliation Agreement document is to serve as a formal agreement between the university and partnering agencies in relation to the service that our students could conduct on behalf of the organization.