Service Learner Responsibilities

In-Class Orientations

If you missed your in-class orientation, review the In-Class Orientation PowerPoint presentation.

Sign-Up/Registration Day

Log in to your MUEngage account and find your course to review events (i.e. placement) options for your course prior to Sign-Up/Registration Day. Please have more than one option in mind. Students are given one full week and day to sign up/register for service learning. Students are advised to register early for their service learning. Once you register for an event, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on orientation and your next steps. Students are advised to read the follow-up email thoroughly. 

If you are doing a special project for service learning organized by your professor, look for special instructions from your professor for registration information. 

Additional Paperwork and Training

Students may need to complete additional paperwork and training before they start their service. Typical paperwork include volunteer applications, background check forms, submission of immunization records, TB tests, or other trainings and paperwork. When students register for service learning, they will receive an additional email with information on their next steps. It is the student's responsibility to complete all paperwork and trainings prior to the site orientation.

Site Orientations

Attendance at the organization's orientation is mandatory. Most organizations have one orientation, unless otherwise noted. During the orientation, you will meet your site contact and review the service responsibilities as well as the organization's rules and expectations. Some organizations may include special training sessions. Bring your syllabus with you to your orientation, so you can be clear on what types of service experiences will complement your course. If you think the service responsibilities will not or does not complement your course, contact the Service Learning Program. Inform your site contact of your school breaks and your last day of service. Also review any paperwork they will need to sign before the end of the semester (i.e., timesheet). Students are credited hours for site orientations and trainings as well – log those hours in MUEngage and on the timesheet. 

Reflection Sessions

Throughout the semester, service learning offers seven Reflection Sessions. Each reflection session focuses on a different topic with the goal of helping you connect your service with your course work. Some faculty members require students to attend at least one session (check your course syllabus), but the Service Learning Program recommends service learners attend all reflection sessions. 

MUEngage Impacts and Timesheets

All students must log impacts using MUEngage. Only students who have Independent Placements must log their hours in MUEngage AND submit a Timesheet to have their hours verified in MUEngage. If students only submit a timesheet without logging hours on MUEngage or log their impacts on MUEngage without submitting a timesheet, professors will be notified that the hours are not verified. The timesheet should be signed by the student's site supervisor. Any forged signatures or false accumulated service learning hours are considered academic dishonesty. Faculty members are notified of any discrepancies in logged service learning hours and timesheets. At the end of the semester, students should submit their timesheet to the Service Learning Program office to get their hours verified in MUEngage. Timesheets must be submitted the last week of courses. Student coordinators will not log impacts on MUEngage for students.

Any questions, concerns or challenges?

Contact your Student Coordinator as soon as possible.