This video was produced by Sam Bringardner, Allison Scheetz and Stacia Landon, students in the spring 2009 Advanced Television Production class as part of a service learning project.

One of the Service Learning Program’s primary concerns is student safety. You probably went through a Marquette University Police Department presentation during your first-year college orientation. The following are additional tips and resources you should consider during your service learning experience.  


The Service Learning Program does not provide transportation. There are a variety of ways students travel to local organizations. Some organizations are within walking distance of campus, and other organizations are accessible by public transportation. Students can use personal vehicles and/or carpool with other students. Taxi and ride-sharing programs like Uber and Lyft are other forms of transportation students can use for their service learning experience. The Service Learning Program staff can help students figure out the best and safest way to travel to organizations.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Whenever you travel to a part of the city that is unfamiliar to you, be aware of your surroundings. You are encouraged to travel with a buddy.
  • Walking: When walking to an organization, walk on main paths in well-lit areas. Never take shortcuts or walk through alleys. Do not carry valuables, and if you do, keep them hidden from sight.
  • Bus: Public transportation is one of the safest and most efficient mode of transportation. When riding the bus, know your bus routes. Review the bus route and schedule before you board the bus. With continued construction and service changes, it is important to check the Milwaukee County Transit System website regularly. Always feel comfortable to confirm the bus route with the driver when you board the bus. Always be alert – do not sleep, and limit the use of headphones and cellphones.
  • Driving: When driving to an organization, know your route and confirm the address beforehand. The site contact may also provide additional tips for traveling to the facility, as well as information regarding parking. Always park in safe, well-lit areas. Hide any valuables out of sight or lock in the trunk. Double-check to make sure car windows are closed and doors are locked.

Safety Concerns at Service Learning Sites

All student must schedule and attend an orientation before they start their service. Orientations provide details and information on job expectations, job responsibilities, operational protocols and an opportunity to meet staff members. Students may also receive a tour of the organization. 

Each organization has specific safety precautions to adhere to, however, generally it is ideal to:

  • Always wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • Never provide your personal information to or accept a ride from people you don't know.
  • When leaving the organization after dark, travel with a buddy.
  • If you ride the bus or drive a vehicle to the organization, kindly ask a staff member to walk you to the bus stop or your car if you don't feel comfortable. 

Resources to Report Safety Issues and Concerns

Most community partner organizations for service learning are outside of the MUPD patrol areas. You are encouraged to consider and adhere to the safety tips outlined in the video. Self-defense classes are offered on campus. Check out the MUPD website for more information. 

In the event you witness or experience any harassment or crime while participating in service learning, please contact the Service Learning Program.