Emerita-Emeritus Staff Honor Roll

Retired in 2023

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Staff emeritus honor roll Deb Weaver
45 years 
Department of Biological Sciences - Administrative Assistant

Name: Deb Weaver

Years of Service: 45 years

Awards: 2020 Staff Person of the Year

Staff emeritus honor rollCarol Stachewicz
31 years
College of Education-Executive Assistant to the Dean/Business Manager, Graduate School-Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Comptroller-Administrative Assistant to the Comptroller, General Services-Administrative Assistant

Name: Carol Stachewicz

Years of Service: 31 years


Retired in 2022

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Staff emeritus honor rollMargaret Zitzer
25 years
Marquette Central, Adviser Office of Student Financial Aid, Assistant Director, New Student Services Office of Student Financial Aid, Financial Aid Counselor

Name: Margaret Zitzer

Years of Service: 25 years

Staff emeritus honor rollAnn Marie Mulgrew
19 years
Campus Ministry - Mission and Ministry

Name: Ann Marie Mulgrew

Years of Service: 19 years

Staff emeritus honor rollSusan K. Dalsasso
45 years
School of Dentistry

Name: Susan K. Dalsasso

Years of service: 45 years

Email: dalsassosusan@gmail.com

Positions: Director, Faculty & Administrative Services School of Dentistry

Committees: Committee on Staff, Committee of Assembly, Parking, etc.

Awards: Marquette University Excellence in Service Award, 1998

Statement: It's been the worst of times and the best of times...

Staff emeritus honor rollThomas S. Pilak
40 years
School of Dentistry

Name: Thomas S. Pilak

Years of service: 40 years

Email: thepilaks@gmail.com

Awards: Marquette University Excellence in Service Award, 2018

Staff emeritus honor rollJoan M. Sommer
37.5 years
Raynor Memorial Library

Name: Joan M. Sommer

Years of service: 37.5 years

Email: jmsmmr114@gmail.com

Staff emeritus honor roll

Linda Gleason
25 years
Dental School

Name: Linda Gleason

Years of service: 25 years

Email: lindagleason11@gmail.com

Positions: Director of Student Services and Coordinator of Student Services at School of Dentistry

Committees: Recruitment Committee, Chaired MUSD Student Mental Health & Wellness Committee, Chaired Scholarship Committee.

Awards: 5, 10, 15, 20 years of service awards.  Honorary membership in Omicron Kappa Upsilon (a dental honorary society). Other awards from the WDA and ADA.

Statement: My position at Marquette has been the best position of my career in Higher Education.  I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.


Staff emeritus honor roll

Dr. Jeanne Simmons
33 years
Graduate School, College of Business

Name: Dr. Jeanne Simmons

Years of service: 33 years

Email: jeanne.simmons@gmail.com




Retired in 2021

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Staff emeritus honor rollPaul M. McInerny, Ph.D.
35 years
Intercollegiate Athletics, University Advancement, Office of Public Relations

Name: Paul M. McInerny, Ph.D.

Years of service: 35 years

Email: pmcinerny@wi.rr.com

Positions: Instructor of Practice, College of Business, 2014-present | Associate Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics, 2005-2014 | Associate Director for Advancement, University Advancement, 1992-1995 | Associate Director of Public Relations, 1986-1992 | PR Specialist 1976-1986

Committees served on: Avenues West Board - MU representative | M Club President and Board Member | Committee on Administrators | Marquette University Alumni Association Board | Commencement Grand Marshall | Nickname Alumni Feedback Monitoring (under Rana Altenberg) | 2004-05 University Assessment Committee | Academic Integrity Council

Statement: I first stepped foot on Marquette's campus in fall of 1969 as a freshman, a life-changing step indeed.  I played soccer here, earned two degrees and served 28 years in administration, and 7 as an adjunct faculty.  Through it all I have witnessed much, and have been blessed tremendously. It has been an honor to work for Marquette - and Marquette will always be part of who I am. 

Staff emeritus honor rollEllen Blauw
24 years
Office of International Education


Staff emeritus honor roll Mary Minson
38 years
College of Arts & Sciences

Name: Mary Minson

Years of service: 38 years

Email: minsonmary@gmail.com

Positions: Senior Assistant Dean-College of Arts and Sciences, Director of Arts and Sciences Advising Center, and Director of the Freshman Frontier Program

Committees served on: Staff Senate, Undocumented Student Task Force, Council of Associate and Assistant Deans,  Dreamers Support Group, Good Student Task Force, Career Coordinating Council, Retention Advisory Committee, and Committee on Learning Advancement.

Awards: University Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award, Excellence in University Service Award, College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Staff Award, and Alpha Sigma Nu Honorary Recipient 



Retired in 2020

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Staff emeritus honor rollMichelle Adler
30 years
Academic Affairs, Public Safety, Marquette Police Department


Staff emeritus honor rollThomas Doyle
37 years
Raynor Memorial Libraries

Name: Thomas Doyle

Years of service: 37 years

Email: 30doylet@gmail.com

Positions: Raynor Memorial Libraries circulation department

Committees served on: internal library committees

Statement: Thank you to all my colleagues not only at the Raynor Memorial Library but all across the university. The library is one of the crossroads of the university where many people from all walks of life have enriched my life. Marquette will always be in my prayers.


Staff emeritus honor rollJan Harwig
25 years
Marketing and Communication


Staff emeritus honor rollJames La Brasca
40 years
Raynor Memorial Libraries


Staff emeritus honor rollMolly Larkin
Raynor Memorial Libraries


Staff emeritus honor rollDebbie Lavalle-Littlefield
34 years
Undergraduate Admissions

Name: Debbie LaValle-Littlefield

Years of service: 34 years

Email: debbie.littlefield777@gmail.com

Positions: Senior Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admissions; Support Staff Supervisor, Undergraduate Admissions; Phone/Mail Clerk, Undergraduate Admissions

Committees served on: PeopleSoft implementation and upgrade committees; Checkmates; data stewardship; Staff Senate

Statement: When I started at Marquette it was the perfect fit for me.  I enjoyed my work experience in the Jesuit setting which inspired faith and excellence.  I also earned my undergraduate degree as a part-time student.  It was my pleasure to come to work at Marquette-even on Mondays.


Staff emeritus honor rollAnne Pufahl
32 years
Recreational Sports

Name: Anne Pufahl

Years of service: 32 years

Email: poofvbr@gmail.com

Positions: Recreational sports / intramural sports

Committees served on: Diversity committee; Parking committee; Affirmative Action committee

Awards: Outstanding Student Organization Advisor


Staff emeritus honor rollCalvin Thorndike Jemison
22 years
Raynor Memorial Libraries, Mailroom, Facilities Services

Name: Calvin Thorndike Jemison

Years of service: 22 years

Email: calvinjemison2@gmail.com

Positions: Coordinator of Raynor Conference Center; Mailroom; Facilities Services

Committees served on: Outside Requests and Campus Events Subcommittees External Contacts Committee

Awards: Marquette University Excellence in University Service; Alpha Lambda Seta Psi

Statement: My Marquette experience had been and will continue to be a life changer. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Marquette University in May 2011 in Organizational Leadership.  With that knowledge I was able to mentor several student workers who have now become very successful in their career.  The contacts I have made university wide had made coming to Marquette University each day worth while and I am very grateful and appreciative to have been a part of this community of higher learning.


Staff emeritus honor rollSandra L. Wicker
21 years
Child Care Center

Name: Sandra L. Wicker

Years of service: 21 years

Email: slnsw55@yahoo.com

Positions: Marquette University Child Care Center Team Teacher

Committees served on: For sixteen years I have worked with Campus Ministry during their annual Thanksgiving Dinner providing activities for the Children of Families who partook of the dinner.

Awards: 2010 Excellence In Service Award

Statement: For over twenty-one years I have seen Marquette University transform incoming students into young men and women who will "Be the Difference"...We Are Marquette!!!



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