Emerita-Emeritus Staff Designation

Marquette University has adopted the Emerita-Emeritus Staff designation to be presumptively bestowed on staff who have retired, assuming certain criteria have been met.

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  • Retirement eligible
  • At least 15 years of Marquette service
  • Retirement date after November 18, 2020

Examples of age + years of service calculation:



Years of Service

Eligibility for Emerita-Emeritus

Example 1




Example 2



Not Eligible



  • As retirees of Marquette University, recipients of the Emerita-Emeritus Staff designation will receive the benefits established for retirees as specified by university policies (4-18 Definition of “Retiree” and Summary of Retiree Benefits).
  • Emerita-Emeritus Staff receive the option (application below) of having their name and biography listed on the Emerita-Emeritus Staff Honor Roll maintained by the University Staff Senate.

The university reserves the right to revoke the Emerita-Emeritus Staff designation from a recipient.

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