Dates: May 13-27, 2024 (Tentative, pending air travel availability)

Cost: $3,450

Passport Required

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About Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a small, middle-income country of about 5 million people known for being a stable democracy in a region characterized by much poverty, ecological destruction, and social upheaval.  The country has made some great strides in sustainability: over 50% of its land mass is forested, over 95% of its electricity is generated from renewable sources, and the carbon footprint of the average Costa Rican is about one tenth of that of the average North American.  At the same time, the country faces many challenges, including a strong wave of immigration from other parts of Latin America, (most notably Nicaragua and Venezuela) a high unemployment rate, and increasing poverty and polarization. 

During the Costa Rica immersion experience, students will be hearing from refugees, organic farmers, Afro Costa Rican and indigenous community leaders and others involved in building more sustainable, resilient neighborhoods.   Students will visit immigrant communities to hear from the people about their struggles, hopes and dreams.  They will also visit Casa Adobe intentional Christian community to learn how to assist with their efforts at watershed restoration and work with refugees, as well as Jesuit Migrant Service and St. Francis of Asis parish to hear about their immigration work.  At the same time, students will accompany Costa Ricans as they go about their daily lives in much more sustainable ways by using public transportation and eating mostly fresh, locally grown food.

During travels to Limón province, the ancestral home of the BriBri and Cabecar indigenous groups, students will hear from Afro-Caribbean people about their struggles for political recognition, their unique resilient communities, successful tourism businesses, and their efforts to restore and protect the environment.  Students will have opportunities to delve into the concepts of race and racism as expressed by the peoples of Limón of African, indigenous, and mixed heritage. One unique experience will be the visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, an important pilgrimage site, to learn about the story of the apparition of the Black Virgin.  Additionally, Costa Rica would not be complete without some time to connect and reflect in the beauty of the natural world with visits to a volcano, the rainforest, and the beach.    

Conduct Policy
Due to the distance and possible challenges found anytime Marquette students venture off campus, Campus Ministry asks that all participants verify that they are not currently nor will be, when the trip occurs, on disciplinary probation with the university. Conduct checks will be made on any students wishing to participate, one before final decisions are made for the trip and the second before leaving for the trip. Additionally, students will be required to submit two letters of recommendation or recommendation forms; at least one letter or form must be from a MU faculty or staff member and the other may be from a member of the student’s community.  Recommendation forms are available from Campus Ministry office.

You must submit a copy of your passport at the time of acceptance into the program. 

To prepare spiritually, mentally and physically for I.M.A.P, there will be mandatory meetings for all participants. All participants must attend all meetings. Meetings are scheduled at times that best suit the participants, so every measure is taken to accommodate the group. This preparation becomes important not only for your own personal readiness for the trip but also for the development and trust of community. If you are not able to attend every meeting, you are advised not to apply.

Each participant is responsible for the cost of the experience. Individual and group fundraising opportunities will be made available and occasional funding made available through generous donor contributions. Payment plans will be made available.

We are asking all students considering the I.M.A.P. program to discern their level of commitment. It is our hope to adjust financial costs for this program. We often describe I.M.A.P. as a program and not a trip, therefore you are accepting all parts of the program along with the trip. This includes living and traveling simply and packing with minimal items. Our focus is immersion and not tourism.

Finally, all participants will be subject to a conduct review check prior to the trip; Two letters of recommendation will be required. All participants in I.M.A.P. must remain in good standing with the university to participate in this program.

Applications are currently closed.  Interested students should contact Vevette Hill-Nwagbaraocha for more information.

Applications are now open.  To apply, click here.

Any questions? Contact:

Vevette Hill-Nwagbaraocha
Campus Ministry, AMU 236
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
(414) 288-3694