Facilitator Application

The application will be available September 5, 2023, until January 19, 2024

  • If you wish to apply to be a facilitator for 2024 M.A.P., you should be aware of the following items:
  • Your application includes a $125 non-refundable fee. The total cost for M.A.P. participation is $250 so you are receiving a $125 stipend for this job of M.A.P. Facilitation and training. Methods of payment include cash, check, and Marquette Cash. If you are not chosen to be a facilitator, you can choose a refund, or put your deposit toward your participation in M.A.P.
  • You must have a passion and experience in working for justice locally, nationally, and/or globally.
  • There is no drinking on these trips, even if you are of age and can legally do so. Drinking by some and not others divide the group and seems to suggest that the trips are more like vacation/spring break than Justice/Service.
  • All M.A.P. facilitators (and participants) must remain in good disciplinary standing with the University until the scheduled M.A.P. trip. Specifically, students who have a student conduct violation that resulted in a probationary status extending into the program, will not be permitted to participate. Please know that a conduct check will occur twice, once upon acceptance and once prior to travel.
  • The role of the facilitator has three major parts:
  • The first is to assist and guide a group of 4-12 students to ensure safety and encourage a positive and inclusive group dynamic.
  • The second part is to organize logistics for your group in relation to your site and Marquette University.
  • The third is to foster reflections that emphasize prayer, education around social justice, and responding to the call to serve.
  • Facilitators are expected to attend all mandatory training sessions, two large group M.A.P. Meetings and one post-trip meeting. Additional dates will be confirmed when the availability of all facilitators and participants is confirmed.
  • Apply to be a M.A.P. facilitator. Applications are due January 19, 2024