The following are M.A.P. destinations for 2024. (Updated December 18, 2023)

L’Arche – Erie, Pennsylvania
L’Arche communities attempt to build a normalized family environment for the mentally and physically disabled. Students will have the opportunity to live and work with the community members in a variety of capacities. Activities may include touring local malls or walking along the lakefront with the wheelchair group, spending the day with community members, or going shopping with elderly members of the community. This service is focused more on the ministry of presence rather than a lot of physical work. It will still leave you exhausted at the end of the day, more from joy and the special sense of love that you achieve when you work with the community of L’Arche. The group may be split up to live in different houses during the week but will meet each day for activities.

Resurrection Catholic Missions – Montgomery, Alabama
Located in the capital of Alabama, Resurrection Catholic Missions reaches out to the community around it. Some of the things that you may do here include assisting in the childcare center, working in Resurrection Catholic School (tutoring, P.E., reading, etc.), assisting with the elderly outreach program, gardening, or assisting with the addiction counseling program.

The Day House - Detroit, Michigan
This Catholic Worker house is the oldest site relationship we have for M.A.P. standing at over 44 yrs. The students will help with the meal program, tutor and play with children from the families staying with the Day House, and work on other projects needed by the community.

Habitat for Humanity – Enid, Oklahoma
Enid, population 50,000, exhibits a strong sense of community that students get to be a part of. Students will work with the local Habitat chapter to build a house for an Enid family. This may entail beginning work, such as framing, roofing and siding the house, or later stages, such as painting and building flower beds.

The Readiness Center - Benton Harbor, Michigan
The Readiness Center works with the local schools to provide after school programming for primary aged students. Students will help tutor, work with art projects, read, play games, and much more with the children of this center.

The following have previously served as M.A.P. destinations. (Updated June 7, 2023)

Bethlehem Farm - Talcott, WV
Bethlehem Farm is a Catholic Community in Appalachia that transforms lives through service with the local community and the teaching of sustainable practices. Volunteers join in living the Gospel cornerstones of service, prayer, simplicity, and community.

Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies - Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Collaborative is a NYC Outward Bound School serving students in grades 6 – 12. They use the EL Education school model, which has its roots in Outward Bound.  Students serve as aids in helping upper class level students write college essays and learn the value of continuing their education into higher education.

CrossRoads Ministry – Louisville, Kentucky
“Radical relationships. Rooted in justice. Reshaping lives.” It is the mission of this ministry seated in the heart of urban Louisville. CrossRoads is a nonprofit outreach ministry and retreat center connected to St. William Catholic Church in Louisville. Students will be working on many projects where the focus will include immigration, hunger and homelessness, and community care.

De La Salle Academy – St. Louis, Missouri
This public charter school, located in North St. Louis, is known for its innovative education, providing resources to students who are facing poverty and homelessness. Students will need to dress as if they are teacher’s aides and offer tutoring and one-on-one mentorship to the students. This site is special because students return each day and work with the same students, providing an opportunity to develop a good relationship with those you serve.

Mosaic Bethphage Village – Axtell, Nebraska
Since 1913, Mosaic villages have served those with intellectual disabilities. Students will engage in ministry of presence with the 100 residents and form relationships with them throughout the week. Students will also perform light work around the campus, including helping with special projects and stocking their food pantry.

New Hope Farm – Dubuque, Iowa
The farm is also connected to a Catholic Worker house and the local Mission for homeless men. Students will help with various tasks around the farm and thrift stores, cook and eat meals with residents at the Catholic Worker house, and assist the local mission. There are many things to do while you live within the community that you serve.

Our Lady of the Sioux Parish – Oglala, South Dakota
The projects and immersion will be in connection with Our Lady of the Sioux Parish. Volunteers will be introduced into the culture, social justice issues, and the people of Oglala and Red Cloud Missionary system. The work will be specifically through Our Lady of the Sioux Parish in collaboration with the pastoral associate.

Smithson Craighead Academy – Nashville, Tennessee
Smithson Craighead Academy is the first charter school in Nashville, serving approximately 260 children, grades K-4. Our students help with tutoring within the school or other projects around the school, depending on whether school is in session during our week of break. If you like teaching and like young children, this is a great site to learn how this community is reaching out to the poor with this award-winning service. Housing is with the Dominican Sisters who work tirelessly with this community.