Find a Mentor

Marquette offers many opportunities to connect established alumni with students and/or young alumni for mentoring relationships.

Marquette CIRCLES eMentor Network via LinkedIn

Students and young alumni seek out mentors via the CIRCLES eMentor LinkedIn group, and together each pair sets the frequency and method of communication throughout their relationship. No matter where you live or how much time you have to give, you can find a rewarding mentoring experience.

Once you've been approved to join the Marquette CIRCLES eMentor Network LinkedIn Group, read the "About This Group" section to learn more about obtaining an alumni mentor. 

MUAA (Marquette University Alumni Association) Mentor Program

The goal of this initiative is to provide student mentees with an opportunity to learn from Marquette alumni mentors with similar majors and/or career interests. Selected students will be paired as a 1:1 match with their mentor during the upcoming school year and receive professional and career insights in a variety of areas. 

College of Business Administration Mentor Program

The Marquette University Business Mentor Program is co-sponsored by the College of Business Administration and Marquette University Business Administration Alumni Association and offers an excellent opportunity for junior-level students to learn about business from business professionals. 

Diederich College of Communication Mentoring Program

A collaboration between the Diederich College of Communication and the College of Communication Alumni Association, the mentor program seeks to help students gain valuable insight into career choices, get helpful tips on their career search process and practice networking skills.

College of Nursing Project: BEYOND

The Project BEYOND team invites registered nurses to share their knowledge and expertise to help nurture College of Nursing undergraduate students. Serve as a role model, share knowledge, provide direction and promote development within the nursing profession.


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