Mentor Program

Support sophomore business students by sharing your career insights. The Mentor Program is co-sponsored by the Marquette Business Alumni Association and the Business Career Center. Each year, 300+ students and professionals participate and build productive relationships. Mentors are Marquette alumni and friends who are business leaders in Milwaukee and Chicago area firms. Resources are available to support new and returning mentors in their mentoring role with College of Business Administration students.

"Joining the College of Business Mentor Program as a sophomore greatly enhanced my networking abilities and taught me the importance of asking questions. My mentor was the reason that I decided to double major in Information Systems & Marketing and I would not be where I'm at now without her advice and guidance." Natasa P, Marquette student

Become a Mentor

About the Mentor Program

  • Mentors and students engage in a one-year relationship during the sophomore year
  • Professionals may mentor one or multiple students
  • Mentors and proteges meet monthly for one hour during the academic year

Mentor Qualifications

  • Alumni or friends of Marquette welcome
  • Minimum five years of professional work experience
  • Current employment preferred, but not required
  • Employed in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

Time Commitment & Events

Monthly Communication: Students Drive the Relationship

It is expected that the mentor and student protégé meet a minimum of one time per month for one hour during the Fall and Spring semesters. Each student protégé is responsible for driving this program – meaning that the student needs to take an active role in contacting his/her mentor and planning meeting times.

Annual events have traditionally included a kick-off, breakfast, and end of year celebration.


Support for the mentor program is provided by the Business Career Center, Marquette Business Alumni Association (MBAA), Direct Supply, and Uline.

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Mentor Program Contacts

Business Career Center Staff
(414) 288-7927