What is MSCSnet?

MSCSnet is the collection of computing resources in the CS and MSSC departments. Networking, Servers, Storage, Software and lab PCs and Printers are all included.

May I have an account on MSCSnet?

If you are enrolled in a course offered by the CS department, which requires access to MSCSnet, you will get an account on MSCSnet. Active majors and graduate students of the CS department are automatically eligible for accounts, as are students working on special projects for faculty members. You must have a valid Marquette University ID # to obtain an CS account.

How do I register my MSCSnet account?

What is the login name for my MSCSnet account?

How can I change the password for my MSCSnet account?

Reset my MSCSnet password

  • Passwords are the key to accessing your account. Please use complex passwords (combination of numbers, special characters, and letters) to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

I forgot my password for my MSCSnet account, what should I do?

When will my class account be available?

Accounts are made available 2 weeks prior to semester start, if you were enrolled in a prior semester, it will be immediately available.

Last semester I could log into my MSCSnet account, but now I cannot, what should I do?

Your account is valid for the entire duration of class enrollment. The directory contents of terminated student accounts are kept for two non-enrolled terms, after which time they are purged to clean system resources. It is the student’s responsibility to move any data he wishes to keep to an offsite machine before the account is deactivated.