CS Student Webpages

  1. If it does not yet exist, create a folder called public_html under your home directory. The unix command for this is "mkdir ~/public_html" (add “chmod 775 ~/public_html additionally)
  2. Create your home page and save it as index.html in your public_html folder.
  3. Open your webpage in a browser by typing www.cs.mu.edu/~yourloginname in the address field.

If your webpage does not display check that steps 1 and 2 are done correctly including spelling and file location. Additionally check that your home page has the appropriate permissions. To do this open a terminal and type "cd public_html" and press enter. Then type "ls -l index.html" to view the file permissions. You should see that the file permissions are -rw-r--r--. If the file permissions are different such as -rw-r-----, enter the command "chmod o+r index.html".