The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion supports the development of innovative courses that explore issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, are community-engaged, and that are rooted in culturally responsive pedagogy and equity-mindedness. Definitions for diversity, equity, equity-mindedness, and inclusion can be found on the AACU “Making Excellence Inclusive” website.

To that end, in 2019 the Office started awarding summer grants of up to $1500 to several full-time faculty to develop new courses or significantly revise existing courses. The course must be taught at least once within the three semesters following the award.

Interested faculty are encouraged to discuss their ideas with Dr. William Welburn, vice president for inclusive excellence, and to complete a new course proposal in the fall preceding the award.

Application Procedures


Proposals are reviewed by the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion for alignment with office and university goals for diverse and inclusive classroom spaces, innovative student-centered pedagogical practices, and potential impact on students. Applicants must submit the following materials: 

  • Letter of application that describes the proposed course
  • One-page draft syllabus
  • Email or letter from department chair stating that they support the proposed course or course revision

Applications must be submitted electronically to Jacki Black, associate director for Hispanic initiatives, at jacqueline.black@marquette.edu. Winners are announced by May 1. Prior winners from the past two award cycles are ineligible to reapply.

Awardees will be asked to provide the Office with a 1-2 page summary of their work along with a completed syllabus by Oct. 15th of the award year, keeping in mind that the deadline for getting new courses approved for the following academic year usually falls in November. 

Prior Grant Recipients

Summer 2020

Dr. Cedric Burrows, English: "The Rhetoric of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X" (new course)

Dr. Sukanya Lodh, Biological Sciences: "Principles of Biological Investigation" (revision)

Dr. Kevin Thomas, Strategic Communication: "Strategic Communication in a Culturally Diverse Marketplace" (revision)

Dr. Julissa Ventura, Educational Policy and Leadership: "Latinx Education: Challenges and Possibilities" (new course)

Dr. Sarah Wadsworth, English: "Children's Literature" (revision)

Summer 2019

Dr. Jesse Cheng, Criminology & Law Studies/Social Welfare and Justice: "Empathy, Crime, and Justice" (revision) Syllabus_CRLS/SOWJ/INPS 4180

Dr. Ed de St. Aubin, Psychology: "Field Experience in Psychology" (revision)

Dr. Kimberly Harris, Philosophy: "Philosophy of Race" (new course) Syllabus_Philosophy of Race

Dr. Stephanie Rivera Berruz, Philosophy: "Caribbean Philosophy" (new course) Syllabus_Caribbean Philosophy

Dr. Desiree Valentine, Philosophy: "Biomedical Ethics" (revision) Syllabus_Biomedical Ethics