Academics and Career Paths for DREAMers

Marquette University is comprised of seven colleges, each with their own major and minor programs. While DREAMers are not prohibited from studying in any area, it is important to be well-informed regarding career paths that may be restricted for DREAMers due to inability to obtain certification or licensure in their field of study. Here is the most recent information we can offer regarding these restrictions:

  • The College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business Administration, and the Diederich College of Communications offer no programs that would require licensure.
  • The Opus College of Engineering: While DREAMers cannot become licensed engineers, a license is not required for many jobs in a variety of Engineering disciplines. For questions, please contact:
    • Dr. Mark Federle, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Engineering at 414-288-4531 or
  • The College of Education: To become a licensed teacher, individuals must undergo a background check that may be difficult to obtain without a social security number. The College of Education also offers pathways to becoming licensed professional counselors and psychologists, both of which require legal U.S. residency.
  • The College of Health Sciences would not deny any qualified DREAMer who wants to study in the program, but there is no guarantee that clinical placements or certification/licensure will be available to DREAMers who pursue careers in the health sciences. For questions in particular health science departments, please contact:
  • The College of Nursing: DREAMers are not eligible to become licensed Registered Nurses.

Immigrants Rising has published considerable resources for entrepreneurship as well as a Life After College: A Guide For Undocumented Students.

Marquette's Career Services Center also has a resource page for DREAMers with tips for choosing a major and navigating life after college.

For other questions regarding career pathways or preparation, contact Courtney Hanson, director of the Career Services Center, at