Marquette Visualization Lab (VisLab)

MARVL Demonstration 

Learn more about the Marquette Visualization Lab.

The Maquette Visualization Lab (VisLab), located in Engineering Hall, is a facility working to demonstrate how visualization technology can be used in learning, research, and industry. By providing users with experiences within a realistic environment, the VisLab is able to promote active learning, critical thinking, decision making, and improve performance.

The lab contains a versatile large-scale immersive environment that consists of four display surfaces, with stereoscopic viewing and motion tracking equipment available. With the resources of the Content Development Lounge (CDL), digital content is developed in collaboration with various groups with the intent of aiding in research, teaching, and industrial applications, as well as other outreach initiatives.

With prior collaboration in fields ranging from Theology to Engineering to Foreign Languages, VisLab is actively looking for collaboration from various areas with all the possibilities for unique applications available. Opportunities for involvement and contribution by graduate and undergraduate students in the VisLab and CDL are possible, and those interested should speak with Mr. Christopher Larkee.  


Robert Cooper, Ph.D.
VisLab Co-Director
Assistant Professor, Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Ophthalmology 

Adam Greenberg, Ph.D.
VisLab Co-Director
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Assistant Dean of Postdoctoral Education, MCW Graduate School

Christopher Larkee
Visual Technology Specialist