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Opus College of Engineering Grant-Related Policies

Tuition Credit Commitment Policy

The Opus College of Engineering has an allotment of graduate tuition credits that are available for grant projects.  The Associate Dean for Research is responsible for allocating and tracking these credits.  When considering requests for tuition credits, the following statements will apply:

  • Preference will be given to grants that include full F&A (a.k.a. indirect costs).
  • Faculty who are consistently grant-active will receive preference.
  • Support for PhD students will receive preference over MS students.
  • Requests for tuition credits on applications for which the funder has no cap (i.e., NIH R01s) will not be considered.

Post-Award Policy

In an effort to increase faculty time directed toward research, the Associate Dean for Research would like to highlight post-award management roles and responsibilities.

  • Office Associates – PIs should work with their respective office associates for purchases, reimbursements, and salary authorizations for graduate and undergraduate students.  The Office Associates will work with the Director of Academic Business Affairs as needed to complete these items.
  • Post-Award Administrator – Beyond the support provided by the Office Associates, the Associate Dean for Research will assign a post-award administrator for newly awarded grant/contract projects.  This person will serve as a liaison between the PI and other administrative areas on campus (e.g., ORSP, Office of the Comptroller, Office of Research Compliance, etc.).  The goal is to relieve administrative burden from the faculty so that they are able to focus on research. The assigned post-award administrator will meet semi-annually with PIs to assess progress.  In addition, the post-award administrator will review expenditures monthly, ensure necessary compliance is in place (i.e., IRB/IACUC approval), remind PIs about progress/final report deadlines, and monitor any other requirements set forth by the sponsor.

Grant Submission Policy

  • 3 business days before deadline, grant budgets must be final and narrative drafts uploaded to Kuali
  • Noon on the deadline day, final application files must be uploaded to Kuali

  • Otherwise, it might not be possible for the grant to be submitted