Get involved with GWC Marquette

For Individuals:

We need many volunteers because every week, each class relies on 3 - 4 volunteers to help the instructors teach the class, answer student questions, and serve as role models. These volunteers are college students as well as working professionals. If you are interested in helping with the Marquette Girls Who Code club, please contact the Office of Enrollment Management and Outreach at (414) 288-6720 to discuss your interest.

For Organizations:

If you are a representative from a company, please contact the Office of Enrollment Management and Outreach at (414) 288-6720 to discuss your interest. In the past, organizations have helped us in various ways:

  • Communicate and distribute information to your employees about weekly volunteer opportunities.
  • Organize a one day presentation for our students about your organization. We encourage hands-on learning to describe to the students what your organization does.
  • Financial sponsorship.

Some of our students are interested in shadowing a professional in the workplace. If you’d be willing to help us in this regard, please let us know of your interest.