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My area of specialization is American poetry: reading it, interpreting it, and writing it. I am especially interested in how poetry engages with children and childhood. Current book projects include a critical study of cuteness, charm, and enchantment in nineteenth-century American poetry and (with Sandra Lee Kleppe) an edited collection on interdisciplinary poetry and pedagogy.

Forthcoming work includes “Conjuring Readers: Antebellum African-American Children’s Poetry,” a chapter in Anna Mae Duane and Kate Capshaw Smith, eds., Early African-American Children’s Literature (U of Minnesota P); “Baby to Baby: Lydia Sigourney and the Origins of Cuteness,” a chapter in Mary Lou Kete and Elizabeth Petrino, eds., Reconsidering Lydia Sigourney (U of Massachusetts P); “A Dimple in the Tomb: Cuteness in Emily Dickinson,” an article in ESQ; “Limn,” a poem in Feminist Studies; “The Boring Side of the Family,” a poem in Tina Schumann, ed., Two Countries: U.S. Daughters and Sons of Immigrant Parents (Red Hen P) and “Exercise,” a poem in Poetry Northwest.

Past work includes a critical study, Schoolroom Poets (UPNE, 2005), an anthology co-edited with Karen Kilcup, Over the River and Through the Wood (Hopkins, 2013); and three collections of poetry: Distance Learning (New Issues, 1998), Bird Skin Coat (Wisconsin, 2009), and The Sleeve Waves (Wisconsin, 2014).

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