LOR Packet for Other Health Programs

If you are applying to a health professions program that requires letters of recommendation, but does not allow us to send the letters on your behalf, or are choosing not to utilize our Letter of Recommendation Service, we highly recommend using the forms below to help your recommenders write strong letters for you. The more information they have, the stronger the letter will be.

Suggested materials for your Letter Writers

  • A brief summary of how they will upload the letter. Will they receive an email prompt? Do they need to upload it to a website, or mail it somewhere? If so, be sure to provide the website or mailing address. Give your letter writers a list of schools/programs you are applying to, deadline for the recommendation letter and any other instructions your recommender may need to submit their letter.
  • Activities Worksheet
  • Unofficial transcript (available on CheckMarq)
  • Questionnaire/Reflection Sheet (Optional but highly encouraged. This helps your letter writer highlight key qualities that you have developed to become a good health care professional (e.g. leadership, problem-solving, creativity, analytical thinking, motivation for your profession, service orientation, teamwork, communication skills, resilience, adaptability, etc.)


  • Drop off your completed forms with your recommenders, either a hard copy or a PDF via email (ask which one they prefer).
  • Once you enter your recommender's information on an application service website (e.g., CASPA, PHARMCAS, etc), the recommender will immediately receive an email prompt from that service. Because of this, do not enter the recommender's information on an application service unless they have already agreed to write a letter.
  • Feel free to schedule an appointment with Laurie Goll to discuss any questions you may have concerning your application. Even though we aren’t processing your letters, we are happy to assist in any way we can.
  • For help with your personal statement, you can visit the Writing Center in the Raynor Memorial Libraries, 240. Personal statements are usually about one page single spaced and answer the question, “Why do you want to be a (doctor, dentist, etc.), and why will you be a good one?” See individual application websites (AMCAS, AADSAS, AACOMAS, etc.) for specific character limits.