Pre-medical and Pre-dental Students

College of Health Sciences Letter of Recommendation Packet:


Confused? No worries. Here are your next 5 Steps...

  • Step 1 – Check out this Sample Packet to get an idea of what you are submitting and how to fill the forms out
  • Step 2 – Prepare all LOR packet documents and submit via the appropriate form on the College of Health Sciences Pre-Health Advising Team (it’s ok if you aren’t sure of your letter writers yet). 
  • Step 3 – Wait ( hopefully patiently 😊) for review of your packet, which will then be scanned back to you with the cover letter. This can take a day or a week, depending on how busy things are with advising
  • Step 4 – Select/confirm your letter writers. Here are some things to consider while choosing your recommenders: LOR Considerations
  • Step 5 - Once you get your letter packet back with the cover letter, you can then send it out to letter writers. The cover letter will have all the information they need on where to send it, due date (July 15), etc.

Please note: You can ask your letter writers any time from Jan-June as you apply. Even though you are submitting your primary AADSAS, AMCAS or AACOMAS application in early June, letters are not due to Laurie until July 15, and that is plenty of time. We promise!