Don't forget to review ALL 5 Steps as you use the LOR Service and complete these documents

  1. Recommendation Cover Form (You do not need to know your letter writers yet — you can leave that blank when you turn it in for review)
  2. Student Information Form
  3. Unofficial transcript (available on CheckMarq; learn how to view your unofficial transcript.)
  4. Questionnaire/Reflection/Motivation Sheet  This helps your letter writer highlight key qualities that you have developed to become a good health care professional (e.g., leadership, problem-solving, creativity, analytical thinking, motivation for your profession, service orientation, teamwork, communication skills, resilience, adaptability, etc.)
  5. Resume or list of all extracurricular activities since graduating high school

Submit all forms above by completing the Letter of Recommendation Form for Students (this Microsoft Form can be found in the College of Health Sciences Pre-Health Advising Team — request to join if you are not already a member). All other documents must be completed and ready for submission before you take this step, as it will require you to include them.

**Completed Sample Packet for reference; please note that the Letter of Recommendation Form for Students in the sample packet is an old version that lists all questions you will fill out when completing the Microsoft Form in Step 5 above**