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Results List:

For a complete explanation of all features of the results list, please see the Ebsco documentation. Here are some highlights:

  • Sorting: by default, results are initially displayed sorted by relevancy. You can change how the display sorts to 'by date', either most recent first, or oldest first -- use the drop-down menu at the top of the center column.
  • For more information about an item, click on the title link.
  • To create lists of items to print or email to yourself, use the 'add to folder' feature.
  • Request it: for most books in the library's collections, you can request that the book be retrieved from the shelf for you. Click on the 'request it' link.

Highlights about the full record for individual items:

  • Includes notes or summaries, subject headings, ISBN/ISSN (as appropriate).
  • Links to online content when available.
  • Links to tables of contents when available.
  • View previous and next titles in list using the navigation bar at the top of the center column.
  • Use the tools in the right-hand column to: cite, email, or print the individual item record, as well as to find the durable URL (permalink) for the record.

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