Annual Visitor Pass Application

An Annual Visitor Pass will allow on-site access to library resources and 4-week borrowing privileges for up to 10 books at any one time. The pass does not allow for off-campus access to online databases. The research pass is valid for one year, at which time the applicant must reapply.

An Annual Visitor Pass will be issued only after the potential user demonstrates a clear, continuing research need and complies with the following:

  • Schedules a meeting with a relevant member of the Research and Instructional Services staff or an Archivist to describe the project and review the Marquette collection's potential for addressing the research needs.
  • Presents a letter on the applicant’s University letterhead signed by a faculty member, a letter on corporate letterhead supporting the applicant's research needs, or other evidence of scholarly activity to be given to the librarian at the scheduled meeting.
  • Purchases an Annual Visitor Pass for $50.00 and an ID card at the MU Card Office.
  • Reads and complies with the Raynor Library’ acceptable use policies.

Submission of this form indicates compliance with these policies.

Successful applicants will be issued a Marquette University photo ID that will allow them access to the Raynor Library and which must be presented upon request of university staff. The university reserves the right to deny the application of any requestor, and access privileges may be revoked by the university at any time.