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MANA 3035: Diversity in Organizations

Course Learning Objectives Related to Service Learning:

  1. Obtain an understanding of the nature of differences among key ethnic and cultural groups in organizations. Although every individual is unique, and each individual differs in the strength of their cultural group identification, there are important differences in norms and values among identity groups. To manage diversity, you must differentiate among culture, individual differences, and stereotypes
  2. Learn about cognitive, psychological, sociological, political and economic processes and historical legacies that impact how we perceive difference, and how they impact the life chances of people who depart from the social norm.
  3. Learn to be aware of your own assumptions, attitudes, and stereotypes regarding diverse groups.
  4. Use the terms of race and ethnicity, culture, stereotyping, prejudice, aversive racism, institutional racism, and ethnocentrism as analytical tools to better understand diversity-related dilemmas and incidents.
  5. Identify the potential "human universals" that link all cultures.
  6. Reflect more critically upon the role that you play in promulgating and/or dispelling prejudice and discrimination.
  7. Take action, both in personal and professional realms, to enact the Ignation ideal of social justice as it pertains to issues of diversity.


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