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HEAL 1400: Veteran Health and Culture

Course Learning Objectives that are related to Service Learning:

  • Describe psychosocial and cultural differences between self as civilian and Veterans transitioning from active duty.
  •  Explain the impact of military service on the health and well-being within Veteran communities.
  • Identify appropriate resources to improve Veteran access to healthcare, the judicial system, positive family dynamics, and stable employment.
  •  Explain how Veteran’s personal identity (such as race, gender, ethnicity, and disability) can create structural and institutional inequity for individuals in the Veteran community.

Special Placement:


  • To sign up for a site, come into the Service Learning Office on Friday 9/2 from 9am-4pm.
  • For any questions or concerns, please contact the Service Learning Program’s staff manager Cate Sullivan-Konyn at


    Center for Veteran’s Issues
  • Limit: 6 students (no more than 2 students per time slot Monday-Friday 8-5pm)

    Address: 3330 W. Wells Street (Vet’s Place Central)

    Transportation: (From Marquette University)

    Approximate travel time by bus: 15 minutes

    Approximate travel time by car: 5 minutes

    Days/Hours of Operation:

    • Intake: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm
    • Clinical staffing: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 1:00pm – 3:00pm
    • Group Co-facilitator any group or class that is offered by the Center for Veteran’s Issues: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm

    Description of Agency/Activities: The Center for Veterans Issues is a nonprofit veteran’s administration and management organization. CVI supports the concerns of all veterans by providing information, resources, identification of funding, technical assistance and organizational development to veteran service organizations. CVI also provides transitional housing to homeless veterans, while offering many services to help veterans transition back into the community. CVI provides veteran housing, programs, and reintegration services; affordable, permanent housing for low-income veterans via property acquisition, development and property management; advocacy to address veteran’s issues; and economic development through entrepreneurial initiatives.

    Student Role at Agency: Students will have the opportunity to assist with the intake of veterans between 8am and 12pm or sit-in on the clinical staffing process with case managers in which they decide the best course of action for the client as they move forward with bettering their lives. Students can also co-facilitate any group class for veterans that are offered between 8:00am and 3:00pm between Monday and Friday.

    Orientation: Contact Kontessa to set up an orientation. All paperwork/volunteer applications will be given to students at orientation.

    Dry Hootch

    Limit: 4 students

    Address: 4801 W National Ave 53295  

    Transportation: (From Marquette University)

    Approximate travel time by bus: 20 minutes

    Approximate travel time by car: 8 minutes

    Days/Hours of Operation: Choose a two-hour time slot between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday

    Description of Agency/Activities: Dryhootch is a nonprofit 501c3 organization formed by combat Veterans to help Veterans in their return home. Dryhootch was envisioned as a place where Veterans could gather informally in a coffee house; a safe, comfortable, drug-and-alcohol-free environment. The idea revolved around the creation of a retail coffee shop run by and for Veterans, which would also support an extended network of Veteran families, and encourage Veteran interaction with the community as a whole. "Hootch" is military jargon for a hut or safe place to sleep during combat. The term "dry" denotes the organization's mission to provide a social gathering place for Veterans that is free of alcohol - one of the major problems plaguing Veterans of all eras. As such, the concept behind "Dryhootch" was a desire to establish a café-like environment dedicated to "helping Veterans who survived the war, survive the peace."

    Student Role at Agency: Students will engage with Veterans and/or family members of veterans helping with every day challenges in the returning and transition back into society' structure from military to civilian life (ie; housing, peer support, women's programming, art therapy, AODA, music therapy, writing workshops, groups, etc)

    Orientation: Tuesday, May 31st at 2pm. All paperwork/volunteer applications will be given to students at orientation.

    Guest House

    Limit: 1 student

    Address: 1216 N. 13th Street

    Transportation: Within walking distance of Marquette University

    Days/Hours of Operation: Mondays 6:00- 8:00 pm

    Description of Agency/Activities: The Guest House provides shelter, housing, education, and services to Milwaukee’s homeless who seek to transform their lives with dignity and purpose. Founded in 1981 by the Central City Churches, the Guest House offers emergency shelter, transitional shelter, transitional housing and permanent housing for homeless adult men. Services provided include: case management, benefits counseling, AODA treatment and support groups, mental health counseling, education, employability skills assessment, job training and placement, access to primary health care and psychiatric services (including medication monitoring), and referrals to other community-based agencies and providers.

    Student Role at Agency: Students will work with seven people in the Homeward Bound Program, playing games, eating dinner, and visiting with them.

    Orientation: Monday, June 6th at 10am. All paperwork/volunteer applications will be given to students at orientation.

Stand Down

Limit: 2 students

Address: the National Guard Armory at 4108 North Richards Street, Milwaukee

Orientation: At the day of service, talk to Kathy for a general overview of the program

Days/hours of operation: students must attend all of these

  • September 16th- set up from 9:00 am- 1:00 pm
  • AND September 17th- 7am-2pm
  • Monthly meetings on the 1st Tuesday of the month: September 6th, October 64h, November 1st, December 6th

Description of agency: During a “Stand Down” soldiers are removed from the field of combat for rest and recreation. Homeless and at-risk veterans in this country are not unlike soldiers combat, living in the field (streets), surviving by their wits with limited rations and enduring very unfavorable living conditions. Today’s version of a Stand Down is designed and intended to bring a wide array of preexisting specialized resources together at one location and to provide a comprehensive therapeutic program to homeless and to at-risk veterans that integrates employment, housing, medical, legal and a broad range of social services.

Student Role in Agency: Students will set up for and attend a Stand Down event. They will observe and interact in this meeting. Students will also attend monthly meetings for veterans and take inventory after the event.

Requirements: service learners are expected to attend all of these events.



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