The Service Learning Program facilitates service learning at Marquette in several ways:

Course Selection

For the pilot semester (Spring 1994), all faculty were polled to learn who would want to include a service option in one or more courses. Nearly 60 faculty expressed interest in joining the project and ten courses were selected to participate. A similar process has been employed to locate courses for each ensuing semester.

Faculty Development

The Program Administrator meets individually with faculty members before they use service learning in a course for the first time. They discuss the content of the course, which elements might be enhanced by a community experience, and ways of setting up the course. For more information about integrating service learning, please visit the Prospective Service Learning Faculty Resources page.

Current Service Learning faculty are invited to attend many events throughout the semester which provide opportunities for networking. Past events have included guest speakers, community bus tours, and luncheons. For more information about our faculty events, please visit the Current Service Learning Faculty Resources page.

Placement Selection

Community service placements are carefully chosen to complement the content of each service learning course. In some courses (e.g., Philosophy of Community), the possibilities for placements are very broad. In others, such as Theology of Non-Violence, the number of placements that will fit the course is fewer and much more specific. Finding these specialized placements often requires both an extensive knowledge of community organizations and a fair amount of creativity.

Student Placement

During the first week of classes, Service Learning staff attend each of the service learning courses to orient the students to the program and to introduce them to the placements selected for the course. The official sign-up for Service Learning occurs in the second week of classes, during Sign Up Night.


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