Below you will find a list of all professors who are integrating service learning in their courses for the Summer 2019 semester.

Summer 2019

Please check back for Professors and Placements.


Fall 2019

Barnes, Sonia

Bekhet, Abir

Boaz, Lesley

Cainkar, Louise

Carlson, Mary


Coleman, Jeffrey


Dale, Scott


Davis, Alicia

Eagon, Janine

Johnson, Norah

Jones, Kimberly

Jones, Kelli

Keiser, Steve

Keller, Abiola

Kotsakis, Jessica

LaBelle, Jeffrey

Lefairve, Marilyn

Lorentz, Rebecca

Metz, Jonathan

Miller, Donald

Paquette, Heidi

Potnek, Micheal


Schmidt, Madeline

Tinsley, Elizabeth

Uhrich, Toni

Wheelock, Darren

Woda, Aimee






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