As a Service Learner, it is very important to keep up with the necessary documents required by the Service Learning Program and your professor. Pay special attention to the deadlines set by our program and your professor to ensure that your records are kept updated and you receive full credit for your service learning. Keep in mind that your Student Coordinator also has deadlines by which such forms must be entered into our database to ensure that professors are given accurate reports. Also, the Service Learning Office retains this paperwork for five years, as we occasionally receive requests for references. Please feel free to use us as a reference in the future if need be.

Registration Form

All Service Learners are required to complete a registration form prior to the start of their service. This form is now online as part of the Sign-Up Night registration process. The registration form is used to record Service Learners' contact information, what placement they are interested in, and for what course they hope to conduct their service. The information is logged into the Service Learning Program's database. This form is kept on file for five years in the Service Learning Program Office for reference purposes. If you miss Sign-Up Night, you should still complete the online registration form immediately after Sign-Up Night. Download the Service Learning Registration Form.

Unapproved Placement Form

If a Service Learner chooses to complete their commitment at an independent site approved by their professor, they must complete an Unapproved Placement Form. This serves a similar purpose to the registration form, but asks for further information about the site to be used. Download the Unapproved Placement Form.


The Service Learning Program uses the Contract as evidence that a service agreement has been made between the agency, the student, the professor, and the Service Learning Program. This contract states the start and end dates of the service, as well as the type of service being provided. Students are asked to complete what their learning objectives will be for the semester in order for the agency to better guide their experiences. Signatures are required from the student, the supervisor at their respective site, and the student's professor in order to be valid. Student Coordinators will visit your classrooms to collect the contracts on a specified date. If you do not turn one in at that time, it is your responsibility to drop a copy off at our office as soon as possible. Download the Service Learning Contract Please print two copies of the contract. One copy for the Service Learning Program office and one copy for your site.


The Timesheet is used to keep track of the dates and number of hours served by a students during their service contract. There is also a line for the student to briefly explain what their activities that day included. At the end of the semester, the total number of visits to the site as well as the total number of service hours provided is recorded and the Service Learner and site supervisor must sign the sheet as verification. It is the student's responsibility to keep track of their service hours and get the sheet signed and turned in by the due date. Student Coordinators will collect Timesheets from your classes. If you do not have the Timesheet at that time, you must download and print your own copy, or get the sheet to the Service Learning Office before finals week in order to be included on the hours report given to your professor and receive credit for your Service Learning. Download the Service Learning Timesheet.


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