At Marquette, Service Learners are involved with the community in several different ways. They may work alone, in pairs, in small groups, or with their entire class. We have identified five models of service learning to summarize the variety of ways students participate in the Service Learning Program.

Placement Model

Students choose from among several placements that have been chosen from their courses. They usually work at these sites 2-3 hours per week throughout the semester. The service students provide is the conduit to their learning; they gain access to the populations or issues related to their courses and, in return, provide needed assistance to the organizations and/or their clientele.

Presentation Model

Students in certain courses (e.g. Physics 1001), take material that they are learning in class and create presentations for audiences in the community. The Service Learners work in small groups and choose from among several sites, which have been set up by the Service Learning office. Sometimes professors require students to do their presentations more than once; others have them present in class before going to the community.

Presentation-Plus Model

This model is similar to the Presentation Model, except the students all work with the same organization and put on a fair, or a mini-conference, that includes several learning stations or short workshops. Service Learners work in groups to coordinate all aspects of the event; they gain leadership skills as well as a greater knowledge of course content working with the Presentation-Plus Model.

Product Model

In some courses, Service Learners - working alone or in groups - produce a tangible product for their agencies.

Project Model

Working in groups, Service Learners collaborate with community members to devise and implement a project.


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