Deciding to Use Service Learning

To incorporate service learning effectively, you must be intentional about why and how you want to use it in your course. A good place to start is to examine your motives, hopes, and goals:

Designing the Course - The Course Planning Worksheet

If you think you may want to try service learning in your course, click here for an explanation of how to get started. On this page you will find a link to an electronic copy of the Course Planning Worksheet and helpful hints on planning for a Service Learning course and completing the worksheet.

What Next? The Logistics of a Service Learning Course

If you are strongly considering integrating service learning in your course, click here for information on choosing placements for your course, altering your syllabus, and creating service learning guidelines for your students.

The Community-Classroom Connection

Sometimes faculty worry that they know much less about the community than their students do.  If you feel this way, or suspect that you may when teaching your first service learning course, click here for some ways to learn more about Milwaukee and for ideas on bringing the community to the classroom, and/or vice versa.

Evaluating Learning and Helping Students Make the Connection

Some Service Learners don’t seem to naturally know how to extract from their placements the learning they need for their courses. With help, however, they grasp the idea of self-directed learning quite well. Click here for suggestions on facilitating in-class reflection and grading the service learning component fairly.

Possible Problem Situations

While we don’t expect major difficulties, sometimes situations arise with service learners that are troubling to faculty. Click here for the situations we hear most often, with some suggested responses.


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