This video was produced by students in Sam Bringardner, Allison Scheetz, and Stacia Landon, students in the Spring 2009 Advanced Television Production Class as part of a Service Learning Project.


We are pleased that you will be participating in Service Learning this semester. One of our Program’s primary concerns is student safety. You likely listened to the Public Safety presentation at freshmen orientation, but we would also like to you to consider the following tips specific to your service learning experience.


Due to logistical constraints, the Service Learning Program is unable to provide transportation to or from Service Learning sites.

There are a variety of ways students may choose to reach their Service Learning sites. Many facilities are within walking distance of the Marquette University campus, and most other locations are easily accessible by bus. Students serving at agencies that are further from campus may choose to drive their own vehicles or carpool with other students. Taxi and ride sharing are other modes of transportation to get to and from your service learning site. Lyft, Uber, and Zip Car are some of the most popular forms of ride sharing. Most are resonably priced and offer safe rides to and from campus. Regardless of how you get to and from your Service Learning site, certain safety precautions should be considered, especially when traveling alone, at night, or to unfamiliar areas.

When walking to and from a Service Learning site, always walk with a buddy. Walk on main paths in well-lit areas. Never take short cuts or walk through alleys. Do not carry valuables, and if you do, keep them hidden from sight.

Lately the city and county of Milwaukee have increased measures to ensure greater bus safety. The bus system continues to be the safest and most efficient mode of transportation.

When riding the bus, know your bus routes. Review the bus route and schedule before you board the bus. With continued construction and service changes, it is important to check the MCTS Web site regularly.

Always feel comfortable to confirm the bus route with the bus driver when you board the bus.

For added security, sit near the bus driver. Always be alert – do not sleep and limit the use of headphones and cell phones.

When driving to Service Learning sites, know your route and confirm the address with the site coordinator beforehand. The site coordinator may also provide additional tips for traveling to their facility, as well as information regarding parking.

Always park in safe, well-lit areas. Hide any valuables out of sight, or lock in the trunk. Double check to make sure car windows are closed and doors are locked.

Safety Concerns at Service Learning Sites

First and foremost, begin by attending your sites orientation session. Typically, orientation is required before you can conduct service at the site. During these sessions you will review specific safety and operational protocols, meet agency staff, and receive a tour.

Each Service Learning site will have specific safety precautions to adhere to; however, generally it is ideal to:

Resources to Discuss-Report Safety Issues and Concerns

Most Service Learning sites fall outside of Public Safety’s normal service and patrol areas, thereby making it even more important that you consider and adhere to the crime prevention measures outlined in the safety video above.

If you are interested, know that the Department of Public Safety also hosts special self-defense and student safety workshops. Check the DPS Web site for a listing up upcoming workshop dates.

Rarely have students participating in Service Learning ever reported safety concerns, but in the event you witness or are a victim of any harassment or crime while participating in service learning, promptly report this to Public Safety and the Service Learning Program.


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