Resume, Cover Letter, and References Guide

Professional documents such as a resume or cover letter are how employers understand your skills, abilities, experiences, and strengths. These documents express your qualifications and interest in the position you are seeking and can potentially lead to an interviewing opportunity.

The Career Center is available to help you learn how to construct a resume and cover letter and offer advice for making improvements and updates.

Resume Writing Cover Letter Writing References

Resume Writing

The suggestions that follow are based on several years of experience with the recruiting process and employer feedback.  Most rules for a good resume are not set in stone, but strong guidelines. There is no one “right” way to write a resume.  Employers have different opinions on what they prefer; therefore, it is important for your resume to best highlight your skills and interests.

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Overall Appearance 


Resumes tend to be very conservative in format with the primary goal being readability.

In some fields, such as advertising, marketing, and fine arts, creativity is more acceptable and often expected.

Creativity should not deter from the overall content and flow of a resume.

We suggest that you never use templates provided by Word or any other source. Templates limit formatting choices and the amount of content on your resume. In addition, many employers ignore resumes when they have seen the same template multiple times.

Tabs and Bullets

Bulleted action statements are not complete sentences, so periods are not needed. If you do choose to use them, however, be consistent and use them throughout the document.

When creating bullet points, use the bulleting functions in Word rather than a bullet point symbol and spaces.


If possible, one-page resume for undergraduates and recent grads is recommended.

Margins should be between .5 and 1 inch (often this makes the difference between a one and two-page resumes)


One font and one color should be used throughout the document.

Font size between 10-12 point (font size will vary depending on the font you choose, the same applies to the size of your margins).

Differentiate section headers, selectively use different types of highlighting text.

Serif fonts are easier to read than sans-serif fonts. Google those font styles if you are not familiar with these font styles. Times New Roman has been popular, but doesn’t allow the letters to blend together in some cases. 

Popular fonts:

  • Garamond
  • Times New Roman
  • Georgia 
  • Bookman Old Style

Grammar, spelling, typos 

No grammatical or spelling errors

No personal pronouns should be used (I, me, my etc.)

Unless necessary, avoid definite and indefinite articles such as, a, an, the, in descriptions

All information is delivered in bulleted action-word statements 

Elements of a Resume 

Contact information

Your name as you want to be referred to professionally (Jon Baker, Jonathan Baker, Jon E. Baker) and formatted to stand out appropriately using larger font, bold, etc.

Current address and home/permanent address (if looking for employment in that area)

Phone number with area code, cell phone is best. Voicemail should be set up so that your name is stated to indicate to employers that they have the right phone number.

Email address (professional addresses only)

LinkedIn profile link if your account is up-to-date (optional)

Example 1:

Resume Contact Info Example

Example 2:

First Name Last Name, PhD

1324 W. Wisconsin Ave | Milwaukee, WI 53233 | (414) 288-7423 

Objective or summary of qualifications


A clear objective helps focus on select information. Although you may wish to make your objective broad, do not make it so broad that it says nothing. If you are pursuing employment in more than one field, simply create different objectives for each field and job application.  There should only be one objective per resume. Also, remember to omit personal pronouns like I, me, and my.

Your career objective should answer the question, “What do I want to do?” Is it for graduate school, a part-time job, an internship, a professional position after graduation, a scholarship? Make sure your objective is clear.


Seeking a summer internship in a communications related field to utilize skills in organization, public speaking, and media communication.

Summary of Qualifications

Another option, instead of having an objective, is to have a “summary of qualifications”.

A Summary of Qualifications should summarize your resume and accomplishments much like an introduction might summarize a book. You could also think of this as a "tagline" for yourself and the rest of the resume will have the supporting information for your "advertisement". You can use this space to match your accomplishments to the qualifications of the job to which you are applying.

These should be written in the third person, not using "I" or "me" throughout, and should provide the top items that set you apart as a candidate. Think of the top three or four things that highlight you as a candidate and differentiate you from the other candidates in the pool.

If you speak other languages, you could highlight it here. Additionally, if you are from abroad, your work-authorization status may be mentioned in order to reduce confusion with prospective employers.

Example 1:

Personable and motivated entry-level marketing professional with experience in both non-profit and for-profit environments. Skilled in marketing plan design and implementation. Efficient presentation and communication skills acquired through student leadership positions. 

Example 2:

  • Two years of internship experience within a Fortune-500 company
  • Proven leadership experience with a student organization
  • Fluency in Spanish 


For each degree-conferring institution beyond high school:

  • Name of educational institution or specialized training program
  • Location (city, state) of each institution
  • Degree or certification obtained
  • Major/minor/area of concentration or emphasis
  • Actual or anticipated graduated date (month and year)

Additional/Optional items to include:

  • GPA/Major GPA (if proud of it, usually > 3.0) Include all decimal points with the scale. If you include Major GPA then you should also include your cumulative GPA.
  • Certifications and/or licenses related to career goal
  • Relevant coursework, projects, and/or thesis


Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, May 20xx

GPA: 3.207/4.0

High School Information

If you are a first year or sophomore student, having high school information is acceptable on your resume. Once you have enough experiences during your college years, we recommend all high school information be removed.

Transfer Students 

Do not list schools from which you did not receive a degree.


This part of your resume may include several sections such as:

Career Related, Related (or) Relevant Experience, Work Experience, Additional Work Experience, Internship Experience, Volunteer Experience, Campus Involvement, Service, Leadership, Activities

Career Related or Related or Relevant Experience: really any area in which you may have significant experience and is related to your career goal, even remotely.

Additional Work Experience: use this to list jobs you have had to show consistency, longevity, or just simply that you know how to work. Sometimes this section does not include bulleted action word statements because what you are doing may be obvious such as Bartender.

Briefly describe for each position:

  • Job title, organization name, city, state, date (month and year)
  • List your responsibilities for each position using bulleted action statements to describe situations and achievements (see Writing Bulleted Action Statements)


Office and Employer Relations Assistant
MU Career Center Milwaukee, WI August 20xx- May 20xx

  • Greeted and assisted all clients, students and visitors of the Career Center
  • Provided administrative support to all functions of the Career Center

List your most recent experiences first, and your oldest experiences last. If your most career-related experience was a year ago or more and is listed towards the bottom of your resume create a new section to highlight that experience. The section can be titled many things such as career-related experience, related experience, relevant experience or any title which groups your most significant experiences related to the position together.

Optional Elements 


Courses you took related to the position you are applying for can be included on your resume. List the title of the course (course numbers are not necessary). Include the semester and year taken.


Computer Literacy in Business (Spring 20xx), Media Writing (Spring 20xx), Public Relations Principles (Fall 20xx), Media Law (Fall 20xx), Ethical Problems of Mass Communications (Fall 20xx)

Class projects

If you have little experience related to your career objective, think about class projects that demonstrate your skills.  List these just like a position with the name of the project, name of the class, Marquette University, and semester (Fall 20XX).  Then list the objectives, tasks and accomplishments of the project just like you would list bulleted action statements under each position.


General Psychology Course, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

“Be Well Marquette” Class Project, Spring 20xx

  • Collaborated with student project team to identify and implement one wellness initiative to offer to incoming freshman students
  • Coordinated event planning and marketing for event with attendance of over 100 students
Honors, activities, leadership, or special skills 

Front load these with those most important or most pertinent to your objective (career goal).  You may want to use specific headings such as professional organizations, computer skills, and leadership positions. Include any honors, scholarships or recognition awards you have received. If you were actively involved in any clubs, teams or committees while in college, those may be included also. If you want to include more details about these activities, use the guidelines from the Experience section and make it a complete section.


The trend is to keep away from any extraneous information that does not clearly connect to your career goal. However, if you are applying for a position in which you have experience through a hobby or leisure activity, you may want to consider adding it to your resume.

For example, if you are applying for a forest ranger position and you enjoy hiking in the wilderness, include it by stating: Skilled in all-terrain hiking, camping and navigating. What you need to ask yourself is, “Will this information help the potential employer learn more about how well I can do the job?” If your answer is yes, then be sure to include the information.

Technology/ computer / language skills 

More employers are asking about these skills, and many assume college students today are very tech-savvy. Many of you do not have industry-specific tech skills, but if you do, then those need to be highlighted. It may be that you do not have space for a separate "technology" section, in which case a "Computer skills include ..." line could be added to your profile, or you could address the skills in the description of the job in which you used them. You do not need to list Microsoft Office programs or other commonly used applications. You should include your level of proficiency for each skill, such as Advanced or Intermediate.

Writing Bulleted Action Statements 

What Are Bulleted Action Statements?

Bulleted action statements are concise phrases describing your skills, accomplishments, or attributes related to your work experiences. These phrases begin with action words. The bullet point in front of these concise statements serve as visual landmarks to aid the reader in navigating the document quickly. 

Steps to Write a Bulleted Action Statement: 

  1. Choose an action word
    Action words are written in present tense for current experiences and past tense for experiences which have ended
    Example: “Established" 

  2. Identify and describe skills, attributes, duties and/or accomplishments from your experiences 

    Examples: built professional relationships, used written communication skills, friendly and efficient
  3.  Be specific, concise, and quantify if possible (to help you be specific, consider the following questions: how many, how often, what type, where, with/for who, how much)

    Examples: “over 20 customers,” “monthly,” “20% increase of sales from 20xx to 20xx”
  4. Put it all together
    Example: Established professional relationships with over 20 customers monthly through friendly and efficient written communication resulting in a 20% increase of sales from 20xx to 20xx

Action Statement Writing Tips: 

  • Statements should not be paragraphs. They should be to the point including information specifically related to the role of application.
  • Quantifying your work helps you to be specific. The reader should be able to picture what you were doing by reading the statements.
  • Review the transferable skills necessary for the position. These may be listed in the job description or  need to determine them on your own.
  • Statements should be focused on your accomplishments and responsibilities not only on duties. The statements should relate to what you did specifically.  They should not describe what any person would do in the role.

Action Words 

  • Absorbed
  • Accelerated
  • Accentuated
  • Accomplished
  • Achieved
  • Adhered to
  • Administered
  • Adopted
  • Advanced
  • Announced
  • Applied
  • Appraised
  • Apprehended
  • Assessed
  • Assigned
  • Assimilated
  • Assisted
  • Assumed
  • Attained
  • Attracted
  • Authorized
  • Balanced
  • Bargained
  • Beneficial
  • Benefited
  • Bolstered
  • Boosted
  • Budgeted
  • Built
  • Carried out
  • Caused
  • Charted
  • Checked
  • Closed
  • Collaborated
  • Combined
  • Commanded
  • Commissioned
  • Complied
  • Conducted
  • Constructed
  • Continued
  • Contributed
  • Controlled
  • Cooperated
  • Coordinated
  • Created
  • Critiqued
  • Delegated
  • Demonstrated
  • Derived
  • Designated
  • Designed
  • Detected
  • Developed
  • Devised
  • Directed
  • Discharged
  • Dispatched
  • Displayed
  • Earned
  • Effected
  • Efficient
  • Emphasized
  • Employed
  • Empowered
  • Enforced
  • Engineered
  • Enhanced
  • Enriched
  • Established
  • Exceeded
  • Excelled
  • Exercised
  • Exerted
  • Exhibited
  • Expedited
  • Featured
  • Financed
  • Forecasted
  • Formed
  • Formulated
  • Fulfilled
  • Generated
  • Granted
  • Guided
  • Handled
  • Helped
  • Hosted
  • Implemented
  • Increased
  • Indicated
  • Influenced
  • Initiated
  • Innovated
  • Instituted
  • Integrated
  • Invested
  • Investigated
  • Justified
  • Listed
  • Logged
  • Made
  • Maintained
  • Managed
  • Mapped
  • Mastered
  • Measured
  • Mentored
  • Merited
  • Mobilized
  • Modeled
  • Multiplied
  • Negotiated
  • Observed
  • Obtained
  • Operated
  • Organized
  • Originated
  • Outlined
  • Oversaw
  • Participated
  • Performed
  • Persisted
  • Planned
  • Pointed out
  • Pooled
  • Practiced
  • Prepared
  • Presented
  • Prevailed
  • Produced
  • Programmed
  • Progressed
  • Projected
  • Promoted
  • Prompted
  • Proposed
  • Provided
  • Pursued
  • Qualified
  • Quantified
  • Quoted
  • Reacted
  • Recommended
  • Recovered
  • Refine
  • Regulated
  • Reinstated
  • Rejected
  • Remained
  • Represented
  • Resisted
  • Resolved
  • Restored
  • Resumed
  • Retained
  • Revamp
  • Revealed
  • Revived
  • Saved
  • Scheduled
  • Schemed
  • Screened
  • Secured
  • Segmented
  • Seized
  • Shared
  • Showed
  • Simplified
  • Skilled
  • Specialized
  • Sponsored
  • Streamlined
  • Strengthened
  • Stressed
  • Succeeded
  • Supervised
  • Supported
  • Surpassed
  • Sustained
  • Synchronized
  • Synthesized
  • Taught
  • Trained
  • Transacted
  • Translated
  • Triumphed
  • Troubleshot
  • Tutored
  • Uncovered
  • Understood
  • Undertook
  • Unified
  • United
  • Updated
  • Upgraded
  • Used
  • Utilized
  • Validated
  • Ventured
  • Verified
  • Viewed
  • Withstood
  • Witnessed

Transferrable Skills 


Planning and Organizational Skills

  • Meet deadlines and manage time effectively
  • Work under time and environmental pressures
  • Successfully juggle multiple demands (school and work)
  • Identify and prioritize things to be accomplished
  • Assess needs
  • Develop goals for self and/or an organization
  • Work effectively with organization members
  • Follow up with other to evaluate progress of tasks
  • Stick to a different endeavor and see it through to completion (4 years of college)

Critical Thinking Skills

  • Quickly and accurately identify the key issues when making a decision or solving a problem
  • Identify general principles that explain data or human behavior
  • Examine assumptions underlying analyses or conclusions
  • Recognize interrelationships in information obtained from diverse sources
  • User facts to judge validity of theories
  • Create innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Critically evaluate theories and research and apply the results to solve problems

Human Resources and Interpersonal Skills

  • Maintain group cooperation and support
  • Keep a group on track when working towards a goal
  • Interact and work effectively with peers, superiors and subordinates
  • Interact with and appreciate people from diverse cultural, social, ethnic and religious backgrounds
  • Communicate effectively and sensitively in both individual and group situations
  • Teach a skill, concept or principle to others
  • Demonstrate effective social behavior in a variety of settings and circumstances
  • Effectively collaborate with other n complete projects or reach goals
  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities
  • Ability to work on a team on diverse assignments

Oral and Written Communication Skills

  • Organize and present ideas effectively for formal and spontaneous speeches
  • Effectively participate in group discussions and brainstorm ideas
  • Debate issues while respecting the opinions of others
  • Read and condense large amounts of material
  • Write reports clearly, grammatically, concisely, objectively, convincingly and in appropriate format
  • Write and speak effectively in a foreign language
  • Delivered verbal presentations clearly and persuasively
  • Express and defend ideas in a clear, objective, non-dogmatic manner
  • Effectively utilize campus resources for public relations
  • Use various media to present ideas effectively and/or imaginatively
  • Possess courteous telephone skills

Research and Investigation Skills

  • Use a variety of sources of information to research problems or answers to questions
  • Conduct literature searches on ________________________
  • Develop a new research question(s)
  • Apply a variety of research methods to test the validity of data
  • Design and experiment, plan or model that systematically defines a problem
  • Construct, administer and interpret questionnaires or surveys
  • Ethically recruit and treat research subjects
  • Select appropriate statistical tests for the analysis of research
  • Analyze and interpret statistical data.
  • Interpret qualitative and quantitative data
  • Use computers or laboratory equipment to assist with research
  • Select, administer, score, and interpret various psychological tests or assessments
  • Deal effectively with financial, temporal, and personnel constraints on research

Computer Skills

  • Use computer software to prepare reports, graphs, brochures, etc. and to conduct research
  • Internet research and e-mail skills
  • Computer programming skills
  • Webpage and website design skills

Personal Skills

  • Define and explain ethical behavior and practice it in difficult situations
  • Take initiative in job related duties
  • Tolerance for stress and ambiguity
  • Demonstrate flexibility and ability to handle change
  • Recognize the value of lifelong learning and seeks professional development opportunities
  • Identify personal values and apply them when making decisions
  • Ability & motivation to develop knowledge and skills in expanding job responsibilities

Creative Skills

  • Create images for marketing campaign
  • Produce artwork for gallery display
  • Use intuition to develop a new idea
  • Invent an original product useful to the public
  • Mentally synthesize information gathered from research literature
  • Design visual media to easily convey message

Leadership/Management Skills

  • Align team members around organizational values
  • Persuade others based on personal or logical information
  • Motivate team members during busy or stressful times of work
  • Work to understand the needs and wishes of others to benefit the organizational goals



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Header Section

1324 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53233
First Name Last Name
Abbotsford Hall 
722 N. 13th St. #324 
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Objective Section


Obtain a Resident Assistant position at Marquette University

Education Section 


Marquette University - Milwaukee, WI                                                        May 20xx
Bachelor of Arts                                                                                     GPA: 3.87/4.00
Major: Undecided

             Awards and Scholarships: Dean’s List (Fall 20xx), Marquette Ignatius/ Magis Scholarship

Relevant Experience Section 


Resident Hall Association, Marquette University - Milwaukee, WI        Sep. 20xx– Present
Abbotsford Floor 3 East Representative

  • Take initiative to inquire about floor residents’ needs and concerns to improve dorm experience
  • Build rapport with residents and Abbotsford staff through positive attitude and enthusiasm
  • Collaborate with group to build open, safe environment of all residents
  • Organize monthly hall events with team of 10 people to help establish sense of community

Work Experience Section


Brew Café, Marquette University - Milwaukee, WI                               Sep. 20xx– Present 
Barista and Cashier

  • Develop exceptional communication skills while interacting with diverse students, faculty, and community members
  • Demonstrate responsibility and reliability through never missing a shift and arriving to work early
  • Multitask and work efficiently while dealing with multiple orders

Rhee Household - Oak Creek, WI                                                      Jan. 20xx–Aug. 20xx 

  • Exhibited excellent work ethic by following all instructions regarding care of 2 children
  • Combined skills of patience and creativity to create fun, engaging activities 

Involvement Section 


Midnight Run, Marquette University - Milwaukee, WI                           Sep. 20xx– Present

  • Integrate sense of service and compassion through dedicating time to assist hungry Milwaukee community members

Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Marquette University - Milwaukee, WI  Sep. 20xx– Present 
Big Brother

  • Mentor 10-year-old Milwaukee child and act as positive role model



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Header Section

First Name Last Name

1324 W. Wisconsin Avenue | Milwaukee, WI 53233 | 414-288-7423 | 

Objective Section


Entry level corporate communications role with a focus on writing, editing and social media 

Education Section


Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
Bachelor of Arts in Writing Intensive English, Expected May 20xx
Minor in Corporate Communication
Cumulative GPA: 3.525/4.0      Major GPA: 3.746/4.0        Ignatius Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Santa Clara University - Casa de la Solidaridad, San Salvador, El Salvador, Summer 20xx 

  • Developed conversational Spanish language skills

Related Experience Section 


Assurant Health, Milwaukee, WI
Human Resources/Communications Intern, Jan. 20xx – Present

  • Write and proofread news stories and product briefs for internal corporate communication
  • Help plan and execute community and employee engagement events for up to 100 attendees
  • Support human resources development programs and new employee orientation
  • Assist with video production and editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 

Ott Writing Center – Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
Peer Tutor, Jan. 20xx – Dec. 20xx

  • Created and published content to promote Ott Writing Center on Twitter and Facebook
  • Partnered with undergraduate students to edit and improve written documents
  • Spoke to classrooms on campus to promote services to fellow students

Office of Advancement – Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
Phonathon Student Fundraiser, Aug. 20xx – Dec. 20xx 

  • Built rapport with alumni in order to raise over $6,000 for academic and athletic scholarships

Leadership Experience Section



Orientation Staff – Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
Team Leader, March 20xx – Aug. 20xx 

  • Initiated and developed open communication with students and family members about Marquette
  • Facilitated small group discussions regarding college life with 12 first-year Marquette students 

Activities Section


Sigma Tau Delta, Member (English Honor Society), Aug. 20xx – Present

Public Relations Student Society of America, Member, Aug. 20xx – Present

Marquette Tribune, News Reporter, Jan. 20xx – May 20xx 

Volunteer Experience Section


Community Day of Service, Volunteer, Annually 20xx – Present 



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Header Section 

First Name Last Name

1324 W. Wisconsin Ave. | Milwaukee, WI 53233 | 414-288-7423 | 

Summary of Qualifications Section 


  • Ability to juggle multiple demands in stressful atmosphere
  • Passion for learning and growing in dynamic healthcare environment
  • Experience with diverse populations and cultures
  • Proficient in use of EPIC Medical Records

Related Experience Section 

SAINT JOHN’S ON THE LAKE NURSING HOME, Milwaukee, WI   September 20xx-Present

Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Provide behavioral and emotional support, companionship and supervision for residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Assist patients with activities of daily living while closely following proper infection control procedures
  • Deliver feeding and mobility assistance to patients

LUKE’S HOSPITAL, Milwaukee, WI                                                  Summer 20xx

Cardiac Telemetry Unit Nurse Intern

  • Planned and provided nursing care to patients under the supervision of a registered nurse
  • Conducted medical screenings and offered health recommendations to patients
  • Obtained and recorded patient’s vital signs, intake and output and blood glucose

Education Section


MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY, Milwaukee, WI                                       May 20xx  

Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing                                   GPA: 3.435/4.0 
Minor: Women and Gender Studies

Clinical Experience Section


Childbearing Family Nursing
ST. JOSEPH’S HOSPITAL                                                               April 20xx

Nursing of Communities                       
CITY OF MILWAUKEE HEALTH DEPARTMENT                            March 20xx

Nursing Care of Adults 
ST. LUKE’S MEDICAL CENTER                                                     February 20xx

Family Centered Nursing of Children   
CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL OF WISCONSIN                                     October 20xx

Nursing Care of Acutely Ill Adults 
FROEDTERT HOSPITAL                                                                 September 20xx

  • Collaborated as member of a health care team to plan and provide quality care for patients
  • Worked in a critical care unit with respirators, IVs and sterile environment
  • Conducted head to toe assessments of patients
  • Assessed and monitored patient status and provided personal care
  • Evaluated patient knowledge and provided education as needed
  • Interacted with patients and families to promote supportive environment

Additional Experience 

Desk Receptionist
MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY MCCORMICK HALL, Milwaukee, WI     Spring 20xx-Present

GUNDERSON MEDICAL CLINIC, Madison, WI                                   Summer 20xx

Professional Affiliations and Additional Skills 

MU National Student Nurse Association, Treasurer 
Wisconsin Nurses Association, Member
Sigma Theta Tau (Nursing Honor Society), Member 
CPR/AED Certified through American Heart Association 



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Header Section

Current Address
1324 W. Wisconsin Ave. 
Milwaukee, WI 53233
First Name Last Name
Permanent Address
856 Larkspur Ln
Plainfield, IL 60586

Objective Section 


Seeking admission into a Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences

Strengths Section 


  • Proficient in written and verbal Spanish
  • Hands-on healthcare experience working as a Medical Scribe
  • Ability to work efficiently both independently and in a team

Education Section 


MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY, Milwaukee, WI                                          May 20xx 
Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Sciences

Awards and Scholarships:
Dean's List (Spring 20xx, Fall 20xx)
Biomedical Sciences Department Scholarship 
Marquette Ignatius/Magis Scholarship 
Hoyt Scholarship 

Relevant Experience Section  


PHYSASSIST SCRIBES INC, Milwaukee, WI                     October 20xx-Present 
Medical Scribe

  • Assist Physicians and Physician Assistants in emergency room to maintain efficient workflow
  • Record patient history, chief complaints and diagnostic test result
  • Order x-rays and prepare plans for follow-up care using EPIC electronic medical record systems

AURORA MEDICAL CENTER, Milwaukee, WI                     August 20xx-Present 

  • Utilize personal communication skills while interacting with patients and families to promote a supportive
  • Transport patients, respond to visitor inquiries and distribute deliveries to hospital rooms
  • Assist and manage cleaning and organization of several waiting rooms

MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY, Milwaukee, WI                                          Fall 20xx
Research Assistant

  • Developed test to quantify biofilm formation of urinary tract infection-causing E. coli
  • Compiled and analyzed databases of biofilm research
  • Designed and presented academic and experimental results to audiences of 40-50 people  

Activities Section 


KAPPA DELTA SORORITY, Marquette University
Vice President of Philanthropy                                         Spring 20xx-Present

  • Lead and organize philanthropic events to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America

                                                                             Spring 20xx-Present 

  • Coach and mentor 10-20 Special Olympics athletes in basketball and track and field  



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Header Section 

First Name Last Name

1324 W. Wisconsin Ave - Milwaukee, WI 53233 - 414.288.7423 - 

Objective Section 


Seeking a summer internship in a communications related field to utilize and develop personal skills in organization, public speaking and media communication

Education Section 

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies                         May 20xx
Minor: Business Administration

Relevant Coursework:
Computer Literacy in Business (Spring 20xx), Media Writing (Spring 20xx), Public Relations Principles (Fall 20xx), Media Law (Fall 20xx), Ethical Problems of Mass Communications (Fall 20xx), Writing for the Marketplace (Spring 20xx) 

Related Experience Section 


M MAGAZINE, Milwaukee, WI
Advertising and Design Intern                                                          Spring 20xx

  • Collaborated with graphic artists to create effective web advertisements
  • Assisted in publication of the “Best Doctors 2015” list for local Milwaukee doctors
  • Participated in design development sessions with clients

MARQUETTE WIRE, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
Production Associate                                                                           Fall 20xx

  • Performed variety of technical and support services through printing and product operations
  • Inspected printing equipment and wrote monthly reports on inventory
  • Produced high quality posters, prints and banners

Communications Intern                                                                 Summer 20xx

  • Wrote and proofread news stories and product briefs for internal corporate communication
  • Published content to promote Assurant Health on social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) 

Activities Section 


ABBOTSFORD HALL COUNCIL, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
Floor Representative                                                         Fall 20xx-Spring 20xx

  • Attended weekly meetings to discuss residence hall’s climate and environment and sought out opportunities for improvement

Computer Skills Section 


Advanced knowledge of Adobe Illustrator
Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign



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Header Section 

First Name Last Name                     1324 W. Wisconsin Ave • Milwaukee, WI 53233
    • 414.288.7423 

Summary of Qualifications Section 


  • Customer Service: Six years of experience in tactfully handling customer concerns
  • Quick thinker and detail-oriented
  • Analytical: Solid analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Research and investigation skills: Able to make effective use of all available resources

Education Section 


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minor in French                                   May 20xx
Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI                                                  GPA 3.632/4.0

Universite Catholiqué De Lyon, France                                  September-June 20xx

  • Utilized fluent written and verbal French while living in a family setting
  • Learned to see the world from a different cultural perspective  

Relevant Coursework Section


Organizational Behavior (Spring 20xx) , Industrial Psychology (Fall 20xx), Social Psychology (Fall 20xx) 

Management Experience Section 


Student Manager
Sodexho—Marriott Food Services, Milwaukee, WI               September 20xx-Present

  • Serve customers and supervise five to ten students in each shift, giving feedback regularly
  • Hire and train new student employees
  • Develop new training procedures that were adopted by the corporate training facility  

Leadership Experience Section


Cobeen Hall Council, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI  September 20xx-May20xx

  • Enhanced leadership skills to maintain group cooperation and support
  • Planned, organized and delegated tasks related to fundraising and special events in Cobeen Hall
  • Honed critical thinking skills to accurately identify key issues when making decisions related to council business 

Additional Experience Section 


Sales Associate
Leader New York, Inc., Rochester, NY                   Summers & Holidays 20xx-Present

  • Service all facets of store sales, specializing in friendly customer relations and bringing in repeat clients
  • Organize display setups and promotions

Student Ambassador
Admissions Office, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI    September 20xx-May 20xx 

  • Tailored tours to meet information needs of prospective students and parents

Activities Section 

Volunteer, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Milwaukee, WI         May 20xx-September 20xx
Volunteer Tutor, Indo-Chinese Learning                            December 20xx-May 20xx



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Header Section 

First Name Last Name
1324 West Wisconsin Avenue | Milwaukee, WI  53233 | 414-288-7423 |

Objective Section 


Seeking Full-Time Manufacturing Engineering position at Briggs & Stratton

Technical Skills Section 


Advanced Knowledge in: 

Intermediate Knowledge in: 

Basic Knowledge in: 

  • UGS NX 8.5 Modeling Software
  • Mixcraft Digital Audio Workstation 
  • Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • MathWorks Matlab
  • Maple

Education Section 


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering | MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY | Milwaukee, WI | May 20xx

Engineering Experience Section


Mechanical Engineer | PENTAIR CO-OP | Milwaukee, WI | September 20xx-August 20xx 

  • Modeled, prototyped, and tested new designs for product development of agricultural pumps to efficiently control levels of water
  • Modified designs to improve efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs
  • Supported implementation process of innovative pump through marketing research and product launch  

Relevant Class Projects 


Drafting Project | ENGINEERING DISCOVERY | Marquette University | Spring 20xx

  • Collaborated with team to sketch complex designs for portable generators using UGS NX6 graphics software
  • Constructed 3D prototype to scale using 3D printer and drafting software

Final Design Project | ENGINEERING DISCOVERY | Marquette University | Fall 20xx

  • Analyzed portable generators to identify major technical flaws
  • Assembled prototype and gave formal PowerPoint presentation on finished project detailing data and techniques used  

Work Experience Section


Marketing Design Assistant | ALUMNI MEMORIAL UNION | Milwaukee, WI | October 20xx-April 20xx

  • Designed effective promotions to inform student body of upcoming events and products using techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to enhance appeal of campaigns

Campus Involvement Section


Engineers Without Borders, Member | MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY | Fall 20xx-Present

  • Boost campus awareness of organization’s mission through fundraising for civil engineering projects in Guatemala and Honduras

Hackathon | MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY | Fall 20xx-Present

  • Solve design flaw issues with in-home assistive technologies to improve life and safety of elderly community
  • Attend 12-hour event to showcase improvements and gave demonstrations of improved product

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Member | MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY | Spring 20xx-Present

  • Compete in annual Student Professional Development conference Student Design Competition to build relationships with local professionals and emerging engineering students



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Header Section

First Name Last Name

Permanent Address: 2808 N. 79th Street • Des Plaines, IL 60016 • (414) 323-1237 • 
Current Address: 1317 W. Kilbourn Ave. Apt. B •  Milwaukee, WI 53201 •

Education Section 


Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI                                                     June 20xx 
Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education & Biology
Cumulative GPA: 3.60/4.00        Ignatius Scholarship for Academic Excellence 
Licenses: WI Certification (s)

Student Teaching Experience Section 


Student Teacher-First Grade, Lincoln Elementary School, Wauwatosa, WI  Jan. 20xx-Present 

  • Analyze student achievement data to determine appropriate interventions and enrichments for students by need
  • Teach unit blending art and space science to develop student-created books about the Sun, Moon and Earth
  • Implement Daily 5 model of literacy instruction emphasizing explicit comprehension instruction & guided reading
  • Use high-interest children’s literature as mentor texts for social studies, science and reading concepts
  • Collaborate with special education teacher to differentiate behavior supports for two students with severe ADHD
  • Communicate in-person and via email with parents about the academic progress and behavior of 27 students
  • Attend Home & School Association meetings to build relationships with families & learn about school community
  • Integrate Smart Board technology into all academic areas  

Student Observation Experience Section 


Field Experience-Fifth Grade, Catholic East Elementary School, Milwaukee, WI     Fall 20xx

Field Experience-Eighth Grade, Longfellow Middle School, Wauwatosa, WI   Spring 20xx  

Field Experience-Fourth Grade, Escuela Vieau School, Milwaukee, WI     Fall 20xx

  • Created group-focused social studies unit about traditional modern Native American culture
  • Incorporated students who had behavioral and learning disabilities into lessons by differentiating activities in lessons and providing additional assistance during these activities
  • Compared and observed multiple teaching methods and educational environments to contribute to professional

Other Related Experience


Career Intern, Marquette University Career Center, Milwaukee, WI     Aug. 20xx-Dec. 20xx

  • Coached college students how to create effective resumes and cover letters providing constructive feedback, instruction and additional resources as needed
  • Designed & presented professionalism presentations using Prezi & PowerPoint to student audience of up to 50
  • Managed student presentation requests using Microsoft Outlook & Excel

Service Learner, Penfield Children’s Center, Milwaukee, WI                             Spring 20xx

  • Worked with peers in psychology & speech language pathology as a member of an interdisciplinary team to develop a mock
    IEP report for an autistic ten year-old
  • Utilized behavioral therapy strategies to engage student in learning activities and increase positive behavior

Tutor, Cathedral Center, Inc., Milwaukee, WI                                                      Fall 20xx

  • Assisted 6 homeless students form diverse cultural backgrounds with homework for over 40 hours

Lifeguard, Des Plaines Park & Rec, Des Plaines, IL                                       Summers 20xx-20xx

  • Enforced rules and regulations in order to maintain a safe environment for all patrons
  • Remained calm during medical emergencies, followed emergency protocol and administered first aid 

Leadership Experience & Extracurricular Activities Section


Peer Advisor, Marquette College of Education Peer Education Advising Resource Program    Aug. 20xx-Present
Blogger, Marquette Educator Blog                                                               Fall 20xx 
Secretary, McCabe Hall Executive Board                                                    Spring 20xx 


Your resume to-do list

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  • Your name as you want to be referred to in the workplace (e.g. Jonathan Baker, Jon M. Baker, J. Michael Baker) 
  • Your name is 2-4 points larger than all other resume text 
  • Current and/or permanent address 
  • Phone number with area code (cell phone is best) 
  • Email address (appropriate addresses only - an address that includes your name is best) 
  • LinkedIn profile link (optional) 


  • OBJECTIVE included that clearly states your goal OR SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS included that clearly states your goal and your qualifications OR Your goal is so obvious NEITHER an objective nor a summary is necessary


  • Name of higher educational institution or specialized training program conferring degree
  • Location (city, state) of each institution
  • Degree or certification obtained/working toward (your PRIMARY MAJOR determines the degree - BS or BA)
  • Actual or anticipated graduation date
  • Major(s)/minor(s)/area of concentration or emphasis
  • GPA/Major GPA (optional unless required by employer, rule of thumb is to include if >3.0)
  • GPA includes all decimal places (no rounding) and indicates 4.0 scale (e.g. 3.456/4.0)
  • Certifications and/or licenses related to career goal (optional, may be listed here or in a separate section)
  • Honors and/or awards with explanation/context, if necessary (optional, may be listed here or in a separate section)
  • Relevant coursework, projects, and/or thesis (optional)
  • Study abroad experience, formatted as another educational institution (optional)
  • High school only included as a freshman or sophomore (optional) 


Each experience includes: 

  • Job title
  • Organization name
  • Location of organization (e.g. City, State)
  • Date (e.g. month, year OR semester, year)
  • Bulleted action word statements with clear and concise descriptions of skills and accomplishments (only optional for less relevant experience when trying to save space)
  • Other work experience is included that shows dependability, longevity, etc. (optional)


  • Experience section(s) is/are given a name that best reflects content (e.g. Leadership Experience, Marketing Experience, etc.) 
  • Experience listed in reverse chronological order within each experience section (most recent first) 
  • Bulleted action word statements are listed in order of relevance to your objective 
  • Bullets begin with action words 
  • Action words are written in the present tense for current experiences and in the past tense for previous experiences 
  • Action words vary throughout resume
  • Bullets with higher level and most relevant skills/accomplishments are listed first
  • Separate experience sections are strategically used to highlight relevant skills/accomplishments (optional) 


  • Honors and/or awards are listed in their own section (typically includes three or more listings) or under the education section as appropriate (dates optional) 
  • Certifications and/or licenses are listed in their own section (typically includes three or more listings) or under the education section as appropriate (include date obtained)
  • Activities are listed in their own section and include undertakings during college years (and beyond) at the university and outside of the university (dates optional) 
  • Languages and level of verbal and written proficiency listed in their own section, general skills section, or profile (e.g. native speaker, fluent, proficient, conversant, basic knowledge) 
  • Computer/Technical skills (e.g. software, hardware, social media) and level of proficiency listed in their own section, general skills section, or profile (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Interests are only included when relevant to objective 


  • Resume is not created using a template
  • Resume is appropriate length based on experience
  • Margins measure between .5” and 1”
  • Font style is simple and clean (e.g., Calibri, Arial, Verdana)
  • Font size measures between 10 point and 12 point and any variations in font size are consistent throughout document and appropriately used for emphasis
  • Methods of highlighting text (e.g. bold, italics, underline) are used appropriately and consistently throughout document
  • White space is evenly distributed
  • Text is aligned in a consistent manner using tabs
  • Sections are arranged to place most relevant information closest to the beginning of the resume 


  • No grammar errors
  • No spelling errors
  • No typos
  • No personal pronouns (e.g. I, me, my, you, their, etc.)
  • Periods are used sparingly or not at all (periods are unnecessary in bulleted action word statements, but may be used in an objective or summary of qualifications)

Cover Letter Writing

Effective cover letters convey a sense of purpose, project enthusiasm for the position or program, and demonstrate your knowledge of the employer or graduate program’s goals and needs.

A positive first impression requires that your cover letter be neat and concise, containing no errors in spelling or grammar.  Each cover letter should be customized to fit the position for which you are applying. You will want to customize your cover letter depending on its purpose. 

Possible reasons for sending a cover letter:

  • A result of a direct search
  • A response to an advertisement
  • A follow up on a contact made through networking

No matter what your reason for sending a cover letter, be sure It contains the following information: 

  • Return address with the date
  • Name, title, organization, and address of the person you are writing

Suggested Cover Letter Structure 

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Use the same heading from your resume on the top of your cover letter

Beginning Paragraph 

  • State purpose of letter
  • Catch attention
  • Indicate your interest in the position or company
  • Flatter your audience by using company/ program information found through research

Middle Paragraph(s) 

  • Explain how your background makes you a qualified candidate
  • Give an example, talk about a specific project, accomplishment, or service
  • Highlight information found in the resume

Final Paragraph 

  • Refer the reader to your enclosures (resume, reference, examples of work)
  • Indicate your intentions for follow-up if you plan to do so
  • Repeat a number where you may be reached


  • Complimentary Close (e.g. Sincerely, Regards, Thank you)
  • Signature



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Header Section 

First Name Last Name

1324 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI, 53233 | 414-288-7423 |

Date + Name, Title, Organization, and Address of Recipient 

March xx, 20xx

Hiring Manager
Alma Center, Inc.
2568 N. Martin Luther King Dr.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Dear Hiring Manager:

Beginning Paragraph, Middle Paragraphs, and Final Paragraph

This letter is in regards to my application for the Case Manager-Life Skills Specialist position currently available with the Alma Center, as posted on the company website.  Based on the position description given, I am confident that my skills and abilities are a good fit for this organization.

The position of Case Manager-Life Skills Specialist at the Alma Center is very appealing to me for a number of reasons.  The mission of the organization, to eliminate violence and abuse in intimate relationships, matches my personal values.  One of my core beliefs is that peaceful interaction is always the best path, and being a part of an organization that also holds those beliefs is something I value highly.  Having the opportunity to work with fathers to foster this belief directly is another strong point of interest regarding this position.  My background is in working with children and teenagers at an environmental risk, and working with the Alma Center would provide me the opportunity to assist this client base, albeit in a different manner than in the past.

The traits I hold match very closely with those you seek in a Case Manager-Life Skills Specialist.  Through my internships I have had the opportunity to work in case management at South Shore Teen Rehabilitation Center, with public welfare programs.  These skills are all important traits for any counselor to have, and especially for a Life Skills Counselor.  During my time at South Shore, I handled numerous case files, working with teenagers to overcome drug and alcohol addictions.  This experience taught me the value of remaining open-minded and compassionate while maintaining a positive attitude, as without those aspects, the clients would not be able to receive the aid they required.

I feel that my experience and strong desire make me an excellent candidate for the position of Case Manager-Life Skills Specialist. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you in the near future.  If you have any questions regarding my documents or qualifications, please contact me at 414-288-7423 or through email at  Thank you for your time and consideration.



First Name Last Name (in script if sending electronically)

First Name Last Name 



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Header Section 

First Name Last Name

1324 W. Wisconsin Ave ● Milwaukee, WI, 53233 ● 414-288-7423 ●

Date + Name, Title, Organization, and Address of Recipient 

February x, 20xx

Ms. Patricia Davis
Vice President of Sales, National Firm
123 Technology Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Dear Ms. Davis: 

Beginning Paragraph, Middle Paragraphs, and Final Paragraph 

I would like to be considered for the Proposal Writer role, which I learned about through your posting on Marquette University’s Career Manger system.  This May I will be graduating from Marquette University with a degree in Writing Intensive English. I feel that National Firm would be the ideal place to apply my writing skills to a business setting.  The following examples demonstrate how my educational background and professional experience make me an exceptional candidate for this position.

While working as a Peer Tutor at the Ott Writing Center, I partnered with students across all majors to achieve their writing goals.  Being able to switch from creative prose to explaining how semiconductors work in a matter of minutes enhanced my ability to switch tasks quickly and work in a dynamic and often ambiguous environment.  Additionally, as part of this role, I successfully completed advanced training in editing and listening.  All of these skills will help me to effectively compose proposals for National Firm. 

Furthermore in my current role as a Communications Intern at Assurant Health, I craft a variety of written materials including product guides for customers and internal memorandums for the intranet. These projects require me to work collaboratively with representatives from the legal, sales and public relations teams to turn thoughts into final products.  For each project, I listen to each department’s requirements, synthesize this information into written form and then organize it into an aesthetically pleasing format.

These experiences have taught me value of teamwork, flexibility and attention to detail, and I hope they will convince you to learn more about me in an interview.  Additional details regarding my qualifications can be found in the attached resume.  I can be reached on my cell phone at (414) 288-7423 or via email at  I will call to follow up on this letter within the next week.  Thank you for considering me for this position.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  



First Name Last Name (in script if sending electronically)

First Name Last Name



  • A professional person. Unless requested, do not select friends to serve as “character” references
  • Someone who can talk about your skills, experience, abilities, and work ethic
  • A potential employer may call them and ask questions about you

Choosing Your References 

  • Choose people whom you have asked in advance to serve as references
  • Be sure to ask individuals who will provide honest, candid, and positive recommendations
  • Ask others at the beginning of your job search if they will serve as a reference for you during this particular search (if you search for another job in the future you will need to ask again)

After They Have Agreed

  • Give them a copy of your resume. Ask them for advice or feedback. Talk to them about your career goals so they will be more prepared to talk to a potential employer in a helpful way.
  • Remember that people have busy lives. If there are deadlines for writing letters or completing forms, be sure to tell your references. Check in with them if necessary. While doing so, be respectful and gracious of their other obligations.
  • Let your references know when you have interviewed for a position and that they may be called to be a reference at that point. Send them the job description of the position and your updated resume you used to apply for the position.

Reference List 

For each reference you should list their:

Full Name 

Work Address 

Role or Position 


Work Phone Number

Relationship to You

When You Accept Your New Position 

Always follow up with your references when you have accepted the position. Send them a thank you note telling them about your new opportunity.



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Header Section 

First Name Last Name

1324 W. Wisconsin Ave. • Milwaukee, WI 53233 • 414-288-7423 •

References Section 


Dr. Sally Wilcox
Assistant Professor of History
Marquette University
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI  53201

Professor for one class and my curriculum advisor for three years.

Dr. Ken Smiley
Professor of Political Science
Marquette University
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI  53201

Professor of my advanced seminar course and advisor to my international relations project.

Mr. Jordan Jameson
Office Manager
Background Check Department
Wisconsin Department of Intelligence
100 Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Supervisor and trainer for my Department of Intelligence internship.

Ms. Angelique Brown
Volunteer Supervisor
Teen Service Club
20111 W. Wells Street
Milwaukee, WI  53201-1881

My supervisor and mentor for working with troubled teens. 

You can have your individual questions, concerns, and goals addressed by scheduling an appointment.