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  • - Information, resources, and advice for individuals with disabilities seeking work and employers, as well as information on employment rights, laws and regulations, employment programs, and job accommodations
  • United States Department of Labor - Contains guidelines on disclosing a disability to an employer as well as additional information searchable by topic
  • Employer Assistance & Recruiting Network - A free service that connects employers with skilled job candidates with disabilities
  • Job Accommodation Network - Free consulting service designed to increase the employability of people with disabilities by providing individualized work accommodation solutions, technical assistance regarding ADA and other disability-related legislation, and education about self-employment options
  • JobAccess - Enabling people with disabilities to enhance their professional lives by providing a dedicated system for finding employment with employers who exhibit an open door policy but also demonstrate their responsiveness to affirmative action by genuinely recruiting qualified persons with disabilities
  • GettingHired - National employment portal connecting job seekers with disabilities with employers
  • Lime Connect - Bringing corporate partners, experts in disability, and experts in standard development together to create a Global Corporate Standard to source, hire, develop and market to people with disabilities

Resources for Students on the Autism Spectrum 

Graduate School Planning

  • Dear Future Colleague - mentorship, guidance, and recruitment opportunities for underrepresented graduate school and competitive scholarship applicants

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