Student Media Creation

Attention Faculty: This webpage is designed exclusively as a student resource page only and not for media creation by faculty. Faculty should follow the information on the main Creating Media webpage.

Media is a great format to create and showcase your knowledge for projects and assignments. This web page includes guides and links to assist you in creating and sharing your next media project for class. Be mindful of whether you are using a Mac or a PC for your project as you go through the guides. And use this webpage as an additional guide while still being mindful of the directions your instructor has given you for your assignment as options may vary.

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Guides for Creating Media

These guides are a fundamental resource to learn how to create videos with your camera, create narrated PowerPoints into videos, and using Teams to record videos and presentations. Please use these as a steppingstone and follow the formats that have been allowed by your instructor.

  • The Digital Scholarship Lab offers additional resources to students creating media for courses by providing access to student tutors and a variety of filming equipment.

MAC Users

PC Users

Recording with Teams

  • You may also choose to record your project or presentation in Microsoft Teams. To do this you need to schedule a new Teams meeting with only yourself, or with the other presenters, depending on the project. You may schedule this meeting through your Outlook Calendar, Outlook App, or your Teams Calendar. If other presenters are necessary to the Teams meeting, be sure to include them in the Invite Attendees box. 
  • A con to recording through Teams is that depending on your internet connection, the video quality may be affected. If your internet connection is unreliable, we recommend using the other recording options listed on this page. A pro to recording with this method is that your video automatically uploads to Microsoft Stream and you can skip down to the instruction on permissions and sharing the video with your instructor.  

Editing Videos 

Editing videos should only be considered if your instructor has not specifically stated that videos are not to be edited. Please check with your instructor if you are unsure if you can make editing changes to your videos to ensure that you are following the correct guidelines for the assignment. If you do need to make changes to your video, there are a few simple and free options depending on the technology you are using.  

  • Microsoft Stream (Trimming front and back only): Any video that you add to Stream or have in Stream is capable of being trimmed down from the front and back of the video only. It does not allow sections to be cut out in the middle.  
  • Camera App for PC: Allows a variety of editing options and a guide on how to use this App is located under Camera App on a PC above 
  • iMovie for MAC: This App is included on all MACs and edits videos simply and efficiently. 
  • YouTube Video Editor: Allows basics in sound and trimming videos. 

Uploading Videos to Stream

Microsoft Stream is an included App within your Office 365 suite. Stream is a video storage platform you will be using to upload and share your video projects, either with the entire class or just your instructor. It is best practice to upload all of your course related videos onto Stream. During the Upload Process, one of the most important steps is changing the video permissions. That way your instructor can see your project or if necessary, your entire class (this is dependent on the instructions given by your instructor). The following instructions walk through how to upload your videos to stream, grant video permissions, and share videos.

If you are using Teams to record your presentation, then your videos are located in either your OneDrive in a folder titled Recordings or in the Files tab of a Teams Channel if you recorded it within a Teams Site. Please download the meeting recording and upload it to your Stream account. Once uploaded to Stream, you can adjust the permissions of your video to allow just your professor to watch it or share it with the entire class. 

Stream will allow you to edit the automatic video captions and download a transcript of those captions. It is your responsibility to ensure that the closed captioning is accurate and edited accordingly.

Turn in Stream Video Link for Assignment

Most instructors require students to share a link to the video in Discussions and/or Dropbox on D2l. However your instructor prefers the video be turned in, the most important part is that you are only sharing a link to the video and not worrying about re-uploading any video content elsewhere (D2L included). When you have completed the steps on uploading your video to Stream and changing the permissions the final step will be to navigate to the video you need to share and obtain the video link to share with your instructor.

Need Help? 

  • If you are having issues with Media Creation, Teams, or Stream please send off a HelpDesk request.  
  • The Digital Scholarship Lab offers additional resources to students creating media for courses by providing access to student tutors and a variety of filming equipment.