The Discovery Learning Laboratory has 3D printers available.

There are Stratasys machines for work orders which are operated by DLC Staff.

There are (6) Ender3 personal machines which are open to anyone. The personal machines are "provide your own PLA materials" and are located in DL121 of Engineering Hall. We sometimes provide starter material for interesting projects.

3D printing work orders are available for student and faculty use when pursuing educational or research goals. We ask questions from time to time about the purpose of the prototype in order to manage this resource.

What is needed for a work order is:

1) an .stl file exported from any CAD source.

2) an x,y,z size in inches or millimeters and the rough volume of material.

Create a work Order using .stl file and state in the work order the dimensions and volume. Make sure the .stl file is attached. You may attach multiple .stl files to one work order.




Addtional Notes:

  • 3D printer files are .stl files exported from any CAD package.
  • The work order shall state the physical size and volume of the object to be printed.                  [ie. 2"width x 3"length x6"height and 36in3]. This rough information can be obtained from your CAD model. Sometimes happens that an .stl export is in mm instead of inches. There is a huge difference between 1mm and 1inch. We use your stated physical size to correctly print your object.
  • Plan on a two to four workday turnaround. Sometimes it is shorter, sometimes longer. It depends on the complexity of the model, work orders and material availability.
  • The plastic material is Stratasys® ABS-M30 and we do not offer color selection.
  • Current reported tolerances of the printed model are 0 to +0.010 inch. Inner diameters of holes will sometimes be up to 0.020 inch undersized.
  • Small parts can sometimes be a problem. Something smaller than a thumbnail is not usually successful. A printed layer is only 0.010 inch.
  • Work Orders - Stratasys F170: Build table size - 254 x 254 x 254 mm (10 x 10 x 10 in.) Average cost to the college for printing is approximately $5 per cubic inch. We do not charge for class related projects. We will be curious about anything bigger than 10 cubic inches in size and will ask questions.


  • Printers marked OPEN USE can be used by anyone.
  • OPEN USE - Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printer - 250mm × 210mm × 210 mm
  • OPEN USE - Sunlu S8 - 310mm X 310mm X 400mm
  • OPEN USE - Ender 3 - 220mm x 220mm x 250mm