If you are an engineering undergraduate or engineering graduate student you should be able to unlock and enter the Engineering Hall doors and Discovery Learning Labs shop areas using your MUID.


Your MUID has a RFID chip which works with the University access system. Sometimes this chip and antenna will not be properly read by the system which results in door not unlocking. Several possibilities may cause your MUID not to be read properly.

- Interference from a bus pass or cell phone. The fix is to put some distance between your MUID and either item. 6 inches or 15 cm seems to be a good distance.

- Damage to MUID. Sometimes the RFID system on your card can be damaged by bending or impact. There is no fix. You will have to get a new card.


IF your card is working properly and you do not have access, please email dlc@marquette.edu   We can assist. Alternatively, you may contact your Department Administrative assistant for guidance.