The below links are for interesting videos that might be pertinent to your education.


How To Make A Mallet From Milk Jugs! - 

How to build a TARDIS! Limited tools needed. Free plans. -

Tellurix - Holz-Tellurium (Wooden Tellurion) -

Woodturning a Segmented Christmas Ornament -

How to make wooden sunglasses // Woodworking Project -

The physics of bandsaw resawing -

General Shop Tricks (playlist) -

Mold Making and Casting (playlist) -

Making Bandsaw Boxes:

4 Ways to Make Table Leg Jointery:

Make Something- Thrift Store Upcycle:

Diresta Drilling Tips:

Diresta Log Treasure Chest:

Diresta Steel Bark Walnut Slab:

Great Source for Random Tips:

Welding Table Swivel Stool:

 Pipe Frame Desk:

Aluminum Sharpie: