In DL128 of Engineering Hall are student project storage lockers.

They require a work order or email request to to access and use.

Lockers are first come, first served. We reserve the right to open, examine and empty any locker.


Rules for the Lockers:

Any items stored after Graduation be comes the property of DLC Labs.
No hazardous items, liquids, solids or gases may be stored.
Service is first come first served.
If your item does not fit in the storage locker, and it is found on the floor, it will be thrown away.
The DLC reserves the right to open any locker without prior notification.
The student storage lockers are provided as a convenience. The privilege may be revoked at any time.


If your project doesn't fit in the locker, please contact Mr. Silman at

Include the following:

What kind of work is DLC Labs supporting? Summary of project
How long will storage be generally required? Planned date-in and planned date-out
How often access is required? Time periods (morning – afternoon), daily, weekends, weekly, monthly, next year
What kind of capital resources are needed? glue, gasoline, acetone, 120/240 electric, 208 3phase electric, engine exhaust collection, dust collection
When is the project completion date?
What are the details of the item to be stored? Gross Volume, Weight, Palletized, Hazards
Who is the project’s supervisor (faculty member)? 
Who are the project team members?