All Training is secured for the immediate future due to COVID-19.

We will publish notes in the Engineering news as conditions change.




Learning to operate a machine tool is a little like driving a car. You can learn the basics fairly quickly but it takes years to master the skill.

We expect all students to take an active role in learning how to operate each tool in a safe and effective manner. We expect you to know something about tools before you enter the shop. We expect effort. The Internet provides a great resource for learning. Use it. This is one layer of risk management.

We provide professional supervision with many years of experience and training to guide you. The Staff of Discovery Learning Laboratory gives hands on instruction to all students on basic hazard awareness for each machine tool. We still expect you to come to training knowing something about each tool. This is the next layer of risk management.


The Discovery Learning Laboratory follows Marquette University policy for e-mails when communicating with students.

We use an online scheduling system SignUpGenius to schedule training appointments. The sign up sheet will show a calendar of training session availabilities to choose from. Sign up early. Once they run out there will not be more...


Training workflow summary

  1. Sign up on SafetySpot and complete online training.
  2. Sign up for appointment on SignUpGenius to schedule training.
  3. Study Basic Shop training outline and search out additional information.
  4. Attend your appointment with student staff.


Basic Shop Sign up on SignUpGenius

    • Allows access to machine shop DL167 and minor tool loan.
    • Requires (1) two hour training session.
    • PDF outline Basic Shop


Advanced - Mill Sign up Calendar(Prereq: Basic Shop)

    • Allows access to Mill.
    • Requires (1) two hour training session.
    • PDF outline MILL and Lathe

Advanced - Lathe Sign up Calendar (Prereq: Basic Shop)

    • Allows access to lathe.
    • Requires (1) two hour training session.
    • PDF outline MILL and Lathe