Opus College of engineering truck

The Opus College of Engineering truck is available to engineering faculty, staff and/or engineering students for errands that support the OPUS Engineering College mission.


  • Valid drivers license.
  • Complete a signed Driver Authorization Form and email to dlc@marquette.edu 
    • Form shall be electronically signed by applicant
    • A motor vehicle record check will be performed as part of the process
    • Online training will be assigned through FleetDefence once the Motor Vehicle Record check is completed.

Time to complete process may be 4-10 days due to outside factors.


OCOE Truck use

Once the prerequisites are met you may:

  • Place a reservation on the OCOE truck calender.
  • Borrow keys for the OCOE truck from the Discovery Learning Center Labs in DL125 of EngHall.
  • Truck is maintained with gas at all times. We require you to tell us when it needs refilling.


Rules and Notes

  • The truck is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Calendar Reservations are required for any usage. Only certified drivers may place a calendar reservation. All calendar appointments shall have a destination, a justification for using the truck and the name of the driver.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any appointments with no notice.