The Opus College of Engineering at Marquette University is dedicated to preparing students for their professional and personal lives after graduation.

In addition to courses in engineering, mathematics, and the life sciences, students are required to complete a project-based capstone design course during their senior year. Students develop their teamwork skills, learn about the product development process used in industry and develop awareness of the unique requirements and constraints for product design and management. They must consider legal and regulatory issues, use standards where applicable, conduct economic analyses and learn about engineering testing and implementation.

Samples of past senior design projects: 

Industry Sponsorship

We welcome industry sponsorship of senior design projects. Benefits of sponsorship include additional engineering resources at little or no cost to the company. 

Requirements for Industry Sponsorship:

  • Personnel:  Sponsoring companies must identify at least one company representative to act as an industry advisor to the project team.
  • Time:  At a minimum, industry advisors must be available to discuss project requirements, customer needs and potential designs.
  • Travel:  The company determines the need for travel.
  • Funding & Resources: Depending upon the needs and expectations of the sponsor, funding to pay for prototypes and testing should be provided by the sponsor. Additional resources for activities such as travel, prototyping, design facilities, and personnel might also be considered.

For more information and to be connected with the college's senior design faculty, please contact Kennedy Coplen, Associate Director of Industry Relations.