Student Design Projects

Senior Design: 2020

The Department of Mechanical Engineering's capstone course focuses on detailed design, prototyping, and testing design concepts. This course includes topics directly relevant to student design projects and careers in the engineering profession. Student team design projects culminate in a final report that documents the performance and details (engineering drawings and/or documentation) of their final design. 

For questions or additional information on the Senior Design projects featured below, contact Dr. Vikram Cariapa

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M81: Bariatric Patient Rotation System 

Sponsor: Anne Costello, Russ Siekman

Advisor: Dr. Vikram Cariapa

Team: Dathan De Vera, Mitchell Schend, Grant Sheaffer, Christopher Ni, Robert Whitener, Ryan Stucky

M82: Accessifloat

Team: Brendan Sims, Ian Glynn, Chris Mucci, Will Godfrey

M84: Making Dynamics More Efficient and Fun

Team: Ed Vildibill, Michael Hayes, Ethan Corr, Patricl Crowe

M92: SAE Baja 4WD Drivetrain

Team: Joseph Lottes, Guillermo Arroyo, Zachary Bosak, Diego Amaya, Michael Starosta