AMU 2nd Floor Lobby Use Guidelines

Alumni Memorial Union 2nd Floor Lobby Programming Guidelines

The AMU 2nd floor lobby is a visible, high traffic area making it an ideal location to plan an event. All details regarding the event must be confirmed in writing with an Event Coordinator in the Alumni Memorial Union Event Services Office. Please follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Recognized and approved Student Organizations or University Departments may utilize the 2nd floor lobby area for programming. Student Organizations must have prior approval of the event from the Office of Student Development two weeks prior to the event day.
  • Off-Campus Organizations may utilize the 2nd floor lobby for registration of events. The Assistant Director of Event Services must approve all other Off Campus Organization requests for the use of the 2nd Floor Lobby area.
  • Events scheduled for the 2nd floor lobby are limited to one microphone. Karaoke is not permitted.
  • Small ensemble is permitted (four members or less)
  • Up to four stage risers due to space availability (note: each riser is six feet by eight feet).
  • Physical set up of the event/activity may not interfere with normal walk-by traffic and is limited to carpeted area.
  • Lobby tables must be staffed for duration of reservation request. Table attendants must stay at or behind table; petitioning or approaching guests without consent in building is not permitted.

  • Guests to the AMU are not permitted to petition or approach individuals without consent. 

  • No seating will be provided.
  • Room space(s) in close proximity may prohibit the use of the 2nd floor lobby.
  • For any events scheduled in the 2nd floor lobby, only pass by traffic is allowed; where event participants may not linger for a long period of time.