Alumni Memorial Union rooms are available in several different setups to suit your groups needs. For more information, or help choosing the setup that is best for you, please reach out to the Alumni Memorial Union Event Services Team (414) 288-7202 or contact your assigned Event Coordinator directly.

Alumni Memorial Union Room Set Up Capacities


The auditorium style is a theater style set up, with chairs facing a head table at the front of the room. It is suitable for lectures, speeches and performances and allows for the most efficient use of space.



Chevron style seating (or V-shaped seating) is when tables or chairs are arranged in a series of angular patterns relative to one another so that every chair is orientated optimally to face the screen or speaker.



The classroom set up is usually two or three chairs on one side of the table facing a head in front of the room. It is suitable for workshops and presentations where the audience will be taking notes.



Tables are moved together to form a rectangle shape with a hollow middle and chairs around the perimeter. It is used for meetings and conferences.



This set up can be used for informal meetings, dinners, activities or small gatherings.



This set up is used for large functions, sit down dinners, receptions and socials. Set can range from 5 to 10 chairs on either 60" or 72" round tables.



Tables are moved together to form a U Shape facing the front of the room with chairs around.