Marquette University faculty and staff should consider the following when planning an event on campus:

  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • Who will be attending?
  • Where will the event occur?
  • Will the event require catering?
  • What room set up is best suited and will audio visual equipment be needed?
  • Will campus guest require on campus parking?
  • Given these items what is the timeline needed to execute the event?

Explore the resources throughout this website to help answer and guide you through the event planning process. 

At Marquette University we are fortunate to have a variety of reservable spaces on campus for use by departments who are planning meetings and events that are directly related to a University program. When such criteria are met as outlined on the Guidelines for Determining Marquette University Facility Usage these spaces, along with associated equipment and labor charges will be offered at no charge to the department. A program qualifies as a University Department Event when the space is reserved by a Marquette University department, and the department is actively involved in all aspects, including the planning of the event.

University Hosted Events are academic programs, conferences and/or meetings involving two entities: a University entity (academic department, administrative unit or registered student organization) and an outside organization (such as a professional association in which the University holds membership or maintains a relationship that directly benefits the University community or community-based organization). University Hosted Rental Rate Guide Rates and Equipment Rates will apply.

The selections below will give you the opportunity to consider reservable space options, request space, learn about catering options, view rates guides and select resources or policies that pertain to your event.



The process for reserving campus space will vary depending on the facility location. This guide is intended to assist you in selecting the appropriate location and help guide you through all aspects of your event.



To maintain compliance with Marquette’s tax-exempt status, event organizers are required to read Marquette’s speaker statement (below) at events that include a guest speaker, we ask that you, or an alternative university representative read the statement. Copies will be available at the Information Desk located on the 2nd floor of the AMU.

The 500-year tradition of Jesuit education is grounded in the search for truth, the discovery of knowledge and the sharing of diverse viewpoints. As an institution of higher education in the Catholic, Jesuit tradition, Marquette University is committed to freedom of expression and open inquiry, deliberation and debate. The views expressed here today are those solely of the speaker and not of Marquette University. The use of Marquette's facilities does not constitute an endorsement of the views expressed. Marquette University does not endorse any candidate for public office, political party, or referendum matters and no fundraising for these activities can take part at this event.