Marquette University has a variety of established resources that can contribute to creating a successful event. Whether you're looking to adhere to Marquette brand guidelines, invite leadership to attend or accurately direct your guests to campus, the below resources can help you achieve your event goals and create a positive experience for guests.


Marquette University has specific branding guidelines that can be applied to many aspects of event planning. From the font you choose for your invitation to the color scheme of your event poster, these guidelines help present a unified Marquette brand.

For additional information, please reference the Office of Marketing and Communication's Marquette Brand page. 


The Office of Marketing and Communication maintains a University Events Calendar and brings together a variety of university wide calendars.  To review guidelines and submit a request to have your event included or view campus calendars visit the Calendar of Events site. A variety of campus wide event calendars can be found here as well.

To note a few that are included:

University Academic Calendar

University Holiday Calendar

Campus Maps

Marquette University is a large, urban campus. The maps and information found here can be a valuable resource when providing directions to guests. 

For a downloadable map, please click here for a campus map.

On-Campus Event Promotion

There are a variety of ways to promote your event on campus. Please consult the links below for additional information.

Office of Marketing and Communication Event Promotion Resources

AMU Student Engcagement - Publicizing an Event

Presidential Request Form

To request the president's attendance at an event, please complete this form and follow the submission directions. 

University Styles and Guidelines

For information regarding accepted styles and editorial guidelines, including invitation protocol, name formatting, and how to correctly format college names and abbreviations, please reference the Office of Marking and Communication's Styles and Guidelines page.